Today is the fourth installment of the “Thank You, Workmate” initiative. For August, we recognize Louie, an outstanding Community Assistant for a U.S.-based homeowner association management company.

For his client, Louie provides administrative support services which usually includes answering phone calls and emails to help customers with their concerns; documenting processes; preparing reports; and various other administrative ad-hoc tasks.

Here’s what one of his clients had to say:

Louie is a valued asset. His natural dedication, drive, and work ethic set a high bar for the rest of the team. He takes the initiative, performs at a high level, and leads by example. Louie is the performance standard for our organisation. He’s the first person to jump on a call, volunteer, and take other team members under his wing. While we understand Louie is a Remote Workmate, he is family to us and a crucial asset to our team.

Louie’s other client was also quite happy with his performance:

Louie continues to exceed my expectations daily. He is continually willing to learn new things and is the first to respond when help is needed. He also has a gift of thinking outside the box and tries to find more efficient paths to help us as a company and other team members to provide superior service.

Congratulations on being recognized for your excellent work, Louie!

Remember: You can be recognized for the hard work you put in – just like Louie. To achieve this, you need to consistently accomplish your planned work outcomes, produce at a high level, and show to your client how valuable you are to their organization.

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