We know the importance of education now a day. Everyone whether a parent or student is searching for the best institution for learning. The trend can also be seen in the age when learning begins. Earlier people went to school than came the concept of pre-school after that the concept of Kindergarten came and now there is a growing need for the pre-kindergarten for the kids. From this scenario one thing we can assume is the process of learning is starting sooner and sooner and so does the competition is increasing day by day.

From cradle to grave the process of learning never stops. India being in the age of getting demographic dividends knows the importance of education and learning and so the government is creating opportunities for the institutions to modernise the education system and reach every nuke and corner or India. Online learning platforms in India are increasing in numbers day by day this is because the demand and enthusiasm of the students towards online learning.

There are many benefits of online learning and the main of these is the reach online learning has. Online learning can be a boon for institute as they can now have the reach of all over India. Also, the technological advances have enabled them to afford the needed infrastructure and also the government is encouraging everybody to go digital.

In offline mode there are many problems and the main of these is the problem of reach, you cannot go interstate daily especially for girls and their parents’ distance of school or college from home is always a cause of concern, this concern is not in the case of e-learning. Also, this is the main reason behind the success of e-learning platforms in India that you can learn anything anywhere.

The craze for learning is everywhere is India, the success of students from backward areas are now reaching every nuke and corner of India and motivating everybody reading them. People are now aware of the fact that if they work hard in the field of education then success is confirmed. So, they now were looking for the best e-learning platforms so that they or their children can achieve great things and make them and their country proud.

This also put heavy burden on the shoulders of best e learning platforms in India and of the world as they have to give these students and their parents the best available content and in best available format that they can easily learn, understand and apply.

E-learning can definitely attract more student than offline learning or any other process but to keep attracting students in the long run is a tough thing to manage and to do this hard work must be done at the back end.

Few guidelines for the e-learning platforms to follow:
•    Content is everywhere, internet is filled with content on every topic imaginable or unimaginable. So, it is duty to give the students the best of these materials if you want to earn the trust of the students.
•    Interesting Learning – learning is one of the most difficult things for many students and if you keep on going generic than it will always be like this. So, to attract more students the first thing is to make your content interesting and if users find your content is interesting they surely will learn and keep learning from you in future.
•    Videos learning – video learning is a powerful tool and should be used carefully. But what is going wrong now a days everyone is making available a video course for every other topic and to sell its course they reduce the cost of their material. And to compensate the cost they compromised with the quality of the content. Which ultimately harms the user, his/her career and will harm the organisation in the longer run. So, video learning must be supplementary to the basic learning of the content.
•    Practice Material – again one of the main ingredients of the learning is Practice, without enough practice the chances of success are very low. And many e-learning platforms are compromising with this tool also. To sell their product they first make the course of short duration and to make it short they won’t give users the enough material for practice and user in the end keep on purchasing the same material again and again and in vain without realising that he just have to practice to get the success.

So, this is it. There are no shortcuts to success either for the students or for the e-learning platforms, both have to work together and work hard as the relationship between them is symbiotic.

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