This winter, if you have decided to change an old wood-burning fireplace into a new one with a gas to make them warm and comfortable lounge room space that your family didn't realize they required, this is a great decision indeed. If you don't have any idea about Gas Log Fireplace, what options are available for it, how to start, Illusion fires guide is here to help you out-

What is the fireplace?

The fireplace is the core of the home and often serves as the main area.  Regardless of whether you have installed a traditional fireplace or Eco-friendly ethanol, it upgrades space and increases the value to your house. Gas Fireplaces are three types-

Free Standing Gas Heaters


Free Standing Gas Heaters has a segment of logs that can be changed over the wood-burning fireplace. This is the most traditional fireplace option which is amazing when look and smell. And the sound of fire cannot be beaten. However, it needs storing logs somewhere which can be a headache for you when you don't have time.

Gas Insert

It actually transforms the traditional wood-burning fireplace into the all-in-one box that burns natural gases rather than wood. It vented through the chimney and flame is completely contained in the box. Glass prevents fire from escaping in the room. In build fans heat room and make a relaxing environment.

Built-in gas fireplace

This type of fireplace looks like a decorative insert. Inbuilt Gas Heaters are used in space without chimney or fireplace. In many cases, it is vented via an exterior wall. However, in places, there is the law against non-vented gas fireplaces because it affects the air quality inside the home.

Now you have gone through different gas fireplaces now you decide which one suits your home. For that see the availability of space in your home, compare price whether it is within budget or not. If you are not getting any idea which one you should choose then don't worry. we will help you out. Visit us once.