It is a big transition for a student to enter into college life after clearing class 12. The world seems completely different, with a new campus, new friends, and a course that will define their career path in the future. Almost all students undergo counseling sessions in school that helps them in deciding on the specialized course they want to pursue at the undergraduate level at a UGC approved university.

Before you take your pick of the best private university in India for charting the course for an illustrious career ahead, there are some things you must keep in mind.


Students should take advice from counselors regarding the course and the college where they wish to pursue a particular program. Students can seek counseling from school-based career counselors, who are well-versed with the latest career trends and the courses required for different professions. They can guide the student after taking into account the student’s interest, personality, aptitude, and school grades. Many undergraduate courses are being offered by colleges and universities across the country and abroad, and the first step is finalizing the stream/course and then short-listing the colleges offering that program. 

 The role of counselors does not end at helping the students decide on their choice of course or the college. In the process of counseling, they connect students with various colleges and universities. If the student is interested in foreign universities, the counselors can help the students in getting connected to the admissions officers of that college for more information.

College short-listing

Before short-listing colleges, a student must be clear about the choice of the course for graduation. Based on their academic performance and interest, the counseling session gives the students an idea about this but students must also do extensive research on the subject. While a lot of students are swayed by the different rankings available online, that must not be the only criteria for selection as different rankings are based on different factors and data inputs.

Students also tend to gravitate towards colleges that adhere to their learning style that includes factors like the study hours that suit them. The location of a college also plays an important role during the short-listing process. If you are open to moving to a different city for your education you will have a bigger list of colleges to choose from. In this case, you should also take a look at the hostel facilities provided by the college or university before you add it to your list. For colleges in your city, the transportation mode needs to be sorted before you pick the colleges.


Success in life depends on a lot of factors. The choice of college does have a role to play in it as this is where you gain a lot of life experience, make friends for life but what plays an even more important role are the personality traits that you hone and the skills you acquire during your college life. Along with knowledge, your alma mater is like the architect that shapes your future, so make sure you choose an architect who designs the best career path for you.