MightyForms is the best solution for web developers and business owners!

MightyForms benefits:

  •  EMBED A FORM EASILY. It works seamlessly with the WordPress Gutenberg editor. 
  • WEB FORM EDITOR. You have total control on how your form looks like. You are able to edit it with a few clicks.
  • CONTACT FORM BUILDER. You can build from scratch or use a contact form template from our database.
  •  FEEDBACK FORM GENERATOR. With the Real-time Data Capture feature, you can keep track of each submission as it’s being filled out. 
  •  SURVEY CREATOR. Use personalized fields to let your target audience better understand your business and give their helpful opinion. 
  •  PDF FILLING FORMS. MightyForms makes it easy for you to select the fields from your PDF form, add it and arrange it into a web form.


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