What is Aerospace engineering?

A branch of engineering in which the engineer requires knowledge and the ability to manufacture, design, and take care of missiles, spacecraft, weapon systems, and aircraft. This branch is closely linked to the branch of mechanical engineering, one consisting of topics like maths, electricity, computer applications, physics, robotics, structures, aeronautics, and many more. Branches like astronomical engineering and aeronautical engineering are two aspects that are covered by aerospace engineering. This branch of engineering is found to be very tough by the university students, hence they look for online courses, assignment writers, and cheap assignment help service. Getting engineering homework help on the internet from reputable and top websites has been made easy by My Assignment Services. All you need to do is search for their website online and book their services. 

Roles and responsibilities – 


Aerospace engineers are responsible for developing updated technology to use in defense systems, aviation, spacecraft, and many more. They also do testing, designing, and assembling of the related products and aircraft. Finding any malfunction or faults in equipment and solving it too. They examine the feasibility and cost of projects. Coordinating with the design team to manufacture components and aircraft. Some of their specialized areas are – structural, software, electrical, mechanical engineering, etc. There are two types of specializations in which the engineers master, they are aeronautical and astronautical engineering. In astronomical one, the engineer focuses on the spacecraft and the technologies related to it. Whereas in the other one, aircraft and the related components are worked upon. 

What are the skills required? 

For a highly technological and specialized area, one needs to have a relevant skill set and competence to become successful in his or her future and career. Mathematical knowledge, observational skills, research work, and calculative abilities along with persistence and resilience is very important to excel. Other skills required are given below, 

  1. Scientific background with good academics
  2. Creative thinking for designing products
  3. Good physical strength and stamina
  4. Teamwork and leadership qualities
  5. Work for long hours and under pressure


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