More and more people search for alternatives to natural flowers because they cannot find the flowers they want or because they are too pricey. If you are among them and you are determined to choose wooden flowers as floral arrangements, you should know that this is a decision that you will not regret any time soon. There are beautiful sola wood arrangements that add a touch of elegance to any decor and are available at competitive prices. It is quite clear that sola flowers are popular but what do you have to do to preserve them in a wonderful condition?

How to Care for Wooden Flowers

It is common knowledge that sola flowers are popular for numerous reasons. They are long lasting, they are versatile, they offer you the possibility to choose any type of flower you want, they are affordable and so on. What is not to like about them? Individuals who are determined to opt for wooden flowers so that they can enjoy them for a long time should know that there are some guidelines they should follow to preserve their beautiful flowers in a perfect condition:
• To begin with,  wooden flowers  should not be exposed to moisture or to direct heat. 
• It is important to store them properly; keep them in a container with goof airflow and use mesh or muslin bags. 
• If you keep them in plastic bins put silica gel to keep the moisture out and store them in a dry area in your home or at work
• Make sure your flowers are dry before you store them; if they are dyed they need around 24 hours to air dry and even more for denser flowers. 
• Do not store too many flowers in a single container for they can get squished. 
• Be gentle when handling them.

It is possible to maintain your wood flowers in a great condition for many years to come and to preserve their shape, color and texture. To do so, you have to keep them away from direct sunlight and humidity. Also, bouquets should be kept in a display case so that they do not get squished. Using silica gel is a must for it prevents moisture from forming inside the container. Dust them on a weekly basis for these flowers are porous and they can accumulate dust very fast. People expect their sola flowers to last forever but what they do not know is how to make this happen.

How to Maintain Sola Wood Flowers in A Great Condition

It is useful to know that sola wood flowers do not need much care and maintenance. Nonetheless, there are certain things you can do to prevent them from deteriorating so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. Sola flowers are delicate, despite the fact that they are made from wood; this means that they can last forever as long as they are stored properly in a suitable container. It is recommended to keep them in a recipient with airflow so that they do not become dry and brittle.

It is a pity to let your beautiful sola flowers dry out and die. These natural wood flowers are creamy ivory when they are not painted and they look beautiful and classy in their natural state. Although it is possible to enjoy them forever, this is possible only with proper care. These flowers should not be kept in boxes and plastic packaging. Moisture will cause them to get moldy and when this happens, they will deteriorate fast. It is recommended to keep these flowers in a card box that is roomy.

As far as the cleaning of the  sola wood  is concerned it is recommended to dip them into white vinegar if they get moldy. You can do this with a tooth brush. Under no circumstances should you use bleach on these flowers. When they get dusty, you can clean them with air spray without damaging them. This procedure is quite easy and it works?

How Long Can Scents Last on Sola Wood?

If you have scented your floral wood arrangements and you want the scent to last for as long as possible you should know that this is possible when you use essential oils. These usually last on the flowers from 3 to 6 hours. Sola flowers have an earthy, natural and mild scent but they can smell the way you want them to as long as you use essential oils. You just have to use an air dropper and place the oil on the back of the flower. Do not apply anything directly to the petals for it can damage the dye and discolor them.

As you can see, there are several aspects you should keep in mind so that you store and clean your sola flowers properly and enjoy them for a long time. Provided you do not keep them inb their plastic packaging, you store them in a container that allows them to breathe, you keep them dry and you dust them every once in a while, you should not have any difficulty in preserving them in a perfect condition forever. Do not forget that these wood flowers are delicate and they should be handles with care.

In fewer words, wooden flowers can last for a lifetime as long as you know how to care for them. It is not that difficult to store them in a proper container, to dry them and to make sure they do not mold. You even have the possibility to scent them as you please. What more can you possibly ask for? Sola flowers are in great demand and more and more people are interested in learning how to care for them properly so that they do not deteriorate with the passing of time. If you are among them, the information provided above should be enough to help you care for your dear wood flowers and enjoy them for many years to come.