Localbitcoins is the popular finland based Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange Platform, stands as the proficient bitcoin exchange in the market by incorporating innovative features and methodologies.

 Any business freak can easily start an exchange just like Localbitcoins with Localbitcoins Clone Script where one can buy or sell bitocoins securely on the blockchain network. These kinds of scripts are easily available in the market but choosing the best is Important.

 Bitdeal provides Localbitcoins Clone Script which is fully debugged, tested and verified. They develop script that can run in any kind of platform seamlessly.

 Premium features of Localbitcoins Clone Script

  • Offline/online trading
  • Multi lingual support
  • Ad Posting facility
  • Super fast trade matching engine
  • Advanced UI/UX
  • OTC Trading
  • Dispute resolution

 Security features


  • Escrow Protection
  • Multi-signature wallet
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Unhackable Admin panel
  • Designed with Cyber security protocols


Localbitcoins Clone Script is the best and effective choice for startups and entrepreneurs who wants to build an exchange just like localbitcoins