Wrong Turn is a story about three cannibal brothers, namely Saw Tooth, Three Finger, and One Eye. It is a franchise of six films, so it is tricky to tell how old these brothers are. The first movie of this franchise was released in 2003, and then the next sequel was released as Wrong Turn 2: Dead End in 2007. The sequel was featured in many film festivals and later released directly to the video. After the release of the sequel, the franchise has developed a vast following throughout the years. In 2014, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort released. The next film, Wrong Turn 7, was supposed to release in 2020, but that is still uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wrong Turn is a slasher film directed by Rob Schmidt and written by Alan B. McElroy. High body counts and excessive violence have always marked the film. And as the franchise wore on, it contained more graphic sexual content. The film’s victims were essentially expendable, and very few people survived from cannibals in Wrong Turn.

It started with two college students Halley Smith, and Rich Stoker who were rock climbing in some forest in West Virginia. When Stoker reached the top, the cannibal murdered him. He could not even help his friend Smith. After three days, medical student Chris drives through the mountains on his way to a business meeting. Suddenly his car collides with a stationed SUV whose tires were punctured. The SUV belongs to a group of students who came for a camping trip. The students were Carly, Scott, Evan, Jessie, and Francine, who soon became victims of the cannibals.

Three Finger is the antagonist, and he was the one who appeared in all the six series. Although he was most flanked by his brothers Saw Tooth and One Eye. The two brothers got killed in Wrong Turn (2003), and this is how one can determine the ages of the brothers.

It is revealed in Wrong Turn 4 that the three brothers are a year apart from each other. The Three Finger was the youngest. He was born in 1966. One-Eye was born in 1965, and the Saw Tooth was the eldest, born in 1964. Wrong Turn 4 started when the brothers were young children. They lived at Glensville Sanatorium in West Virginia. In the flashback, Three Finger was 8, One Eye was 9, and Saw Tooth was ten years old. Then the movie fast-forwards to 2003 when Three Finger was 37, One Eye 38, and Saw Tooth 39. Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines was a prequel, so they were the same age as the previous movie. Wrong Turn 5 was the original one so that the brothers might have aged only a few months.

In the next Wrong Turn movie, none of the original cannibal family members come back, but they do not rely as much on the story for a film. So we are waiting to see what the new Wrong Turn planned for us.

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Source: How Old the Cannibal Brothers Are in Film Wrong Turn