1. How to clean your sex doll?

There are two aspects to this problem, one is hygiene, and the other is the lifespan of the love doll. In fact, it is very simple to clean the body of the full size sex doll. According to the frequency of using the sex doll, it is recommended to clean your real sex doll every 2-4 weeks to avoid bacteria on the doll. In order to ensure the perfection of sex dolls, it is best to clean the dolls and maintain their skins after each “use”. This process is similar to cleaning yourself, of course, you can also choose to shower the doll or soak it in the bathtub.

But don’t let the neck or head get too wet when you put it in the shower. This is very important (to prevent the neck screw from rusting), just use a shallow sponge to thoroughly wash the doll with antibacterial soap, make sure not to apply too much pressure to Protect the skin!


2.What is used to clean the real doll?

In general, the following items are given with the product, except medical forceps.

Antibacterial soap


Talc powder (baby powder)

Shallow sponge

Cut another sponge into smaller sponge strips

Dry cloth without wear

Medical forceps

Powerful paper towel



3. How to dry the sex doll after cleaning?

It is very important to ensure the dryness of the chubby sex doll or male sex doll, because it can prevent friction with the skin, otherwise it will easily cause tearing of the skin. In order to dry the real doll, please use a light flannel to gently pat the doll when it is wet, do not apply too much pressure to wipe, let the last part of the real love doll dry itself. Once a large amount of water is removed from the doll, let her sit for an hour and wait for it to dry naturally. Finally, apply talcum powder evenly on the doll's body, not only can give her a good fragrance but also prevent the skin from sticking.



4. How to clean the vagina, anus and mouth of the entity doll?

There are many ways to clean the vagina, anus and mouth of a sex doll. You can take a shower in the bathroom or let the baby lie down, do not submerge in the water. The best way is to remove the doll from the bathtub or shower and expose the side of the vagina and anus. And follow these steps:

1. Wipe a small cotton swab sponge with a medical clip and apply it to the sponge with warm water and antibacterial soap to ensure a thorough coating.

2. Insert the sponge into the vagina or anus, and use forceps to move it around the orifice until the inside is thoroughly cleaned.

3. Remove the sponge, wash it with warm water, and repeat steps 1 and 2 again.

4. At this stage, the vagina and anus should be cleaned without any bacteria.

5. Using forceps again, grab the second dry swab sponge, insert it into the vagina and anus to suck out part of the water, and then take it out.



Finally, wrap a strong paper towel around the end of the pliers and place it in the doll again to give it a final dry. Once the love doll is dry, you can use talcum powder outside the vagina and anus. The mouth of the love doll can also be as described above.

Conclusion: The doll is very precious, please care for her while using it.

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