Rise of taxi industry and the success of Uber, encouraged several entrepreneurs and business peoples to build an app like Uber. Moreover, Uber’s on-demand service model applies to every Uber clone app and so every business people and cab industry owners looks forward to build an Uber Taxi Clone Script. If you are one among them and looking to launch your own Uber taxi Clone App, then let me contrue right from defining the uber taxi clone script. 

What is Uber Taxi Clone Script?

Uber taxi clone script is a software solution which helps the entrepreneurs and taxi owners to launch their your online taxi business like Uber at low cost. It possibly upholds all the reliable features of the popular uber taxi app and furthermore integrated with latest technologies. Being an advanced solution for starting a taxi business, uber taxi clone script shines as finest method to launch a Uber taxi clone app.

Working process of our Uber Taxi Clone App: 

Uber taxi clone app is nothing but an app through which people can book their cab via mobile app at anywhere anytime. In addition it is a digital marketplcae which hook up the passengers and the drivers with just few steps.

Customer Request:

Initially, customer will send a request for taxi via mobile app by feeding the pickup and drop location which will be sent to the nearest driver to his location.

Request Response:

The driver can accept or reject the request according to their availability. If the ride request declined by the first driver, then your ride request will be sent to the next nearest driver.


Once after the driver accept the ride request, the arrives the pickup location and drops the customer at their destination point.


After the completion of the ride, the passenger can pay the requested fare amount which was provided to them while booking via various ways like cash, card, net banking and much more.

Ride Rating & Feedback:

Additional, the customer can submit the rating regarding the driver’s behaviour and ride comfort and can also give feedback about the ride experience provided by him.  

Unique & Innovative Business Ideas in Uber Taxi Clone App:

The above mentioned model is just a basic level of taxi service. Apart from picking the customer and dropping them in the destination, there are several business models in Uber. Some of the disparate ideas in Uber conept are mentioned below


Uber for Transportation:


Uber for transportation is similar to basic service uber service. Instead of customer, materials, products or any goods can be moved from one place to another. This model was especially brought into market for businesses and companies to book a truck for their transportation process. The ultimate idea is to combine all the transporters at a single platform and to determine a specific rates from A to B transportation integrated with several features like GPS technology, driver review, previous history, payment method and much more

Uber for Patients:

It is possible to build an Uber taxi clone app especially for patients who are in need to visit the hospitals and clinics on daily basis. By using this app, patients can book a ride for their hospital visit. The procedure in this app is similar to the basic service app.

Cab Booking for Women:

Well, taxi for women is one the unique idea, which appears very favourable for women who are working in night shift and who used to travel at night time. By using this app, women can book cab at late night and acquire safe journey from one place to another. Moreover, in this app it possible to hire women driver as per their convenience.

Ride-hailing app for Kids:

Cab for kids & children shines as the most welcomed idea among the parents. This is because, this app highly favours the parents who are looking to send their children to school, tuition classes and other activity classes. Without any tension and leaving their office and within just few clicks, they can book a ride for their children.

Instead of choosing the basic service and fighting with huge competition, it is better to pick a niche one and thrive in it. Once after picking your business model, the next thing you should focus on is features. This is because, people will use your app only if it upholds all the features which makes their search for cap easy and convenient.

End Note:

Well, You have just gone through Uber like app ideas and how it benefits you in your transport business. In case if you have any concerns or queries regarding the app development or cost estimation, cross verify with us. Being an expert in taxi booking app development, MacAndro, a leading mobile app development company offers feature rich and high performing taxi booking app development services for all transport industries across the globe. Moreover, our experts are highly reputed and recognized in building Uber like app according to the user’s requirements