To successfully run an e-commerce business, you need a remarkable feature-rich mobile application. According to Q1 statistics of 2020, more than half of the potential customers are using smartphones to search and shop their favorite items. By ignoring this segment’s needs, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Mobile e-commerce app will help you lead in a competitive retail sector to win the extra mile. Thanks to renowned and reliable mobile application development companies California, you can turn mobile apps as an irreplaceable part of your business strategy for reaching out to new customers seamlessly.

E-commerce mobile apps come with the slogan, “shop-on-go” which is reigning over smartphone users. Who would want to spare the precious weekend time for standing in long queues or use websites that take forever to load? So, investing in an e-commerce app can be a game-changer for your business in many ways.  

Reasons to Invest in E-Commerce Mobile App

1.       Leveraging the Power of Push Notifications

Mobile apps allow you to send push notifications to millions of users all at once. Moreover, you can lower cart abandonment rates by sending a push notification offering a discount for the item they left abandoned in the cart.

Push notifications are not only an effective way to reach your audience in real-time but also a great way to retain existing customers over a long duration of time. Push notifications are personalized text messages which appear directly on the screen thus, increases the chances to stay top of mind of customers. Besides, it helps you reward your loyal shoppers. Using the feature, you can notify your customers when the best-sellers are restocked!

2.       Strengthen Brand Visibility

Customers are a significant source of getting a brand recognized, and mobile apps can be a driving force behind it. Unlike websites, mobile apps are a faster source to spread awareness among people. It is seen users spent 52% more time on mobile apps when compared to sites. You can use in-built features of a smartphone, like navigation control for tracking or camera for scanning that makes your app user-friendly and strengthen brand image in no time.


Mobile apps allow you to add the latest technologies in your app and reach your customers with what’s best. With continuous enhancements, several technologies can be used to grow your business at scale. For instance,

·         Augmented Reality

One of the leading advantages of integrating AR in an app for e-commerce merchants is that AR prevents costly restocking and administrative fees. Many customers return products as they haven’t received a similar item of what they’ve imagined that raises shipping and restocking costs. Using AR customers can visualize products that mean they are most likely to make a purchase when they like it. Another essential benefit is that it can enhance their shopping experience.

·         Big Data Analytics

With cutthroat competition in the retail industry, e-commerce personalization can set you apart. Integrating big data into your app help you drawing insights on customer behavior and demographics. Using the information, you can send personalized e-mails to your customers or can give shopping recommendations. It only helps them to recognize the brand but also makes them feel valued. Moreover, you can develop a flexible and flexible pricing plan and make more informed decisions based on the data gathered. The success of any retail business depends on the customer services offered. Big data analytics will, therefore, let you in identifying the issues and enhancing your operations so that your customers can enjoy shopping with you!

·         Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming an essential part of e-commerce business strategy as it enables retailers to foster better shopping experiences and streamline complex interactions. Built with AI and driven by a predefined set of rules, chatbots in e-commerce apps helps you to offer quick solutions to user inquiries. The biggest benefit of utilizing a Chatbot for an e-commerce business is that it provides 24*7 hr support to every user. Moreover, it can help you collect data about your visitors so that you can swiftly turn them into your customers. By understanding customer preferences, needs, and inquires, helps you to give them a better customer experience. Also, with the help of Chatbot, customers can directly obtain product information when and where required.


Developing a mobile app for your e-commerce business is the beginning of an interactive relationship with your customer base. It will eventually maximize your revenues and helps you deliver personalized shopping experience to every shopper. Whether you are looking for iOS or Android App Developers in California, make sure you choose the best for optimum results in the future. Doing your homework before helps you build a successful e-commerce mobile app, without much hassle.