The Vulkan API named firstly as OpenGL then it attained its Name as Vulkan API. It was found in July 2014 by the Khronos group and then officially registered on February 19, 2015. The Vulcan API achieved the benchmark on 22nd August 2016 and Google declared that Android Nougat will be supporting Vulcan.

After that Unity stated that version5.6 of their game engine will support Vulkan, and then Croteam's stated that they are adopting Vulkan API in its games to provide cross-platform friendly games.

Why Vulkan API is regarded as a game-changer

Vulkan aims to lower the number of work drivers do and not to make things faster in the tech world. This is the reason behind the Vulkan API regarded and utilized. The Vulkan has made Mobile app development solutions more interesting and it mainly helps the developer to create 3D content.

Benefits of the Vulkan API

The Vulkan API game-changer it has eminent in handling things in Mobile App Development.

However, to list some here are some important points:

Reduces Load

The Vulkan API mainly aims to reduce the driver's load. It is meant to reduce CPU usage without compromising with 3D graphics performance across all platforms. It can manage multiple CPU threads efficiently without any obstacle. This ultimately allows it to resolve the CPU bottlenecks, this is the reason for many OpenGL applications hurt.

Better graphics and performance

The Vulkan API reduces the load on the CPU, provides better graphic content. Vulkan API improves the performance of the app and presents excellent graphic content. It provides an efficient end-user experience.


The Vulkan API provides ease access and operation for a developer using it and Vulkan takes actions and performance a level ahead of its forerunner OpenGL.

Improves graphical capability

The Vulkan API improves the graphical capabilities in addition to the above-said benefits. This is the important feature of Vulkan API that the major video games like Talos Principle, Doom, and Roblox uses it. Not only video games but also game engines like Unreal Engine 4, Torque 3D, etc.

Summing Up

The Vulkan API is very advancing with its integrity. The development tool GTK+ Scene Graph Kit and it is part of GTK+ 3.90 has a Vulkan Rendering Path. The Vulkan API takes an extensive part of gaming and development due to its uncompromised graphic quality. If you have an idea of having Mobile App solutions, we provide Mobile app development services like Android App Development, iOS App Development, Android Game Development, and much more.