My father gave me my first skateboard as a present for my sixth birthday celebration after a ton of wishing and whimpering on my part. I recall it truly well. He had gotten it at a casual mall in Lima that I wanted to go to called “Polvos Rosados”. It was an off-brand board, with elastic wheels that appeared as though they were intended to back you off and an ungracefully printed picture of Spider-Man underneath.

My father didn’t have a clue about a great deal about skateboards in those days and I didn’t either, yet what he knew was that I adored Spider-Man, so tremendous props to him for making his child cheerful on his birthday – that board is an affectionate memory of mine now. At that point, that was everything I required to learn how to ride and my father helped me achieve that too by driving my younger sibling and me to the neighborhood skate park in the area of Mira flores.

Presently I need to urge you to try this out. I need to disclose to you why you have to learn how to ride aboard. There are a few distinct boards you could browse. I mean skateboards, long boards, penny boards, best Cruiser Skateboard, short boards, e-boards or prepackaged games. I’m going to concentrate on penny boards however on the grounds that that are the thing that I use now and what I love the most.

I didn’t understand that it was so extraordinary to have the option to ride a penny board until I began college. These things are quick. Not quicker than a bicycle, yet quicker than a skateboard and a lot quicker than anybody strolling by walking, including those Olympic race walkers you may some of the time see on TV (what are they doing with their lives?).Getting from guide A toward point B rapidly and with moderately low exertion is extraordinary.

It gives you more opportunity to have a supper, study, address a companion you run into while in transit to class, or check your Instagram feed for 5 additional minutes and laugh uproariously to yourself at that additional image you saw about Justin Bieber and his component in “respect”. These are easily overlooked details, however, they start including after some time and wind up having any kind of effect in your life. At the point when you get a penny board, the range of spots you can go to without going through cash is quickly augmented as well.

Abruptly it gets sensible to go out to shop or to the motion pictures without getting a Uber or taking the T (in case you’re in Boston), which is a cool advantage. Likewise, penny boards have the upside of being more convenient than bicycles and practically some other sort of board. Along these lines, you can bring them into structures with no issues. You need not leave them outside tied to a rack or a shaft and hazard getting it taken, and you will not make some awful memories hauling them into address like you would a long load up. So as a simple method for transportation, penny boards are an entirely reasonable decision.

They’re enjoyable. Riding around on a warm summer day and feeling the breeze chilling you off is simply phenomenal. On the off chance that you need to make the most out of your board, you can learn some essential stunts like cutting and sliding, and there you have the start of the exceptionally satisfying interest called cruising. What’s shockingly better is the point at which you get companions to begin cruising with you as well, and afterward, you have the entire group braving the hellfire of that road and it’s only a swell, swell time. Penny boards are like wise incredibly snazzy: you can get essentially any blend of hues you can envision supposing that the one you have as a top priority doesn’t exist, you can actually plan one yourself.

So folks, hold onto the mid-year. Add learning how to ride a penny board to your daily agenda. Try not to get disheartened in the event that you don’t “get it” in an initial couple of moments, or hours, or days, or even weeks. We live in a general public of moment satisfaction where it’s harder to acknowledge that a few things require significant investment; however, they do in any case. So simply practice reliably. Possibly you’ll give it and locate a shot you