Décor and Chair covers can transform a subtle or below average furniture into something attractive and antique. You can add the aesthetic value to your event with some stunning ideas that are free to experiment. Ugly chairs or furniture can ruin the impact and appeal of an event. A well organised and spruced-up seating can help maintain the effect.

Chair covers and related decoration can help transform the furniture and save having to hire-in expensive, funky furniture. Chair covers become an essential accessory for chairs at special events like wedding, anniversary, parties, etc. The importance of a chair cover is usually neglected when it comes to enhance the chair’s overall look and feel!

If you have an event coming up and have concerns about planning the décor for the event, the first thing to know more about is the types of chair covers that are suitable to your event and venue’s décor finish. Here are some common types of chair covers:

  • Universal: These chair covers can fit any chair, setting and venue. They are easy to find anywhere and can be tied up with the chair. Just place the cover over a chair and tie it to the back, and it’s done.
  • Satin: Made from satin material, you can pick these chair covers when you wish to have a glowing and shiny look to the venue and the seating arrangement. It is considered ideal for a summer outdoor event. You can pick from various bright colours and shades.
  • Polyester: These are perfect when you choose to have round, and square backed chairs, inside the banquet setting. It helps to create a casual look that goes smooth and seamless with the aesthetics of the location.
  • Spandex: Made of spandex fabric, these Spandex Chair Covers provide the sleek-fit capability and create a contemporary and stylish finish. They are easy to install and require the least maintenance.
  • Chiavari: These Hotel Chair Covers are the personification of luxury, projecting a bright appeal that is purely elegant and smooth in look. Use them to give an exquisite touch to the chair cover finish, the designers often embroider or ruffle Chiavari chair covers, or choose to add a sash to make them uniquely attractive.

Apart from the fabric, assess the size and pattern thoroughly as per your requirement. Whether buying a simple chair cover for a formal event or stylish folding chair covers for events like a wedding or other celebration, make sure you pick it from a quality seller.

You can experiment with some stunning and different options to pimp your event seating. Some trending patterns for a chair cover that can be experimented for an event are:

  • Matching Hoods:Combine various elements with chair covers with matching hoods with table runners. It can set the event colour palette nicely, showing a focus on the little things.
  • Back Zips:Save the effort of tying Chair Cover Purchase by choosing zip-ups. They create a close fit on the top end and form a flared base which is easy to put on and off.
  • Lace Layers:Using various types of fabric can add sophistication and a varied appeal. A lace doubled over a traditional sash to add dimension can be exciting.
  • Elegant Ripples:The pinched, ruched effect on the sides of chairs can create an interesting texture and add the impact of a clean, simple elegance in the aesthetics.
  • Simple Bows:Simple, colourful bows can transform simple white chair covers to create a clean effect which can be correctly maintained with your event colour theme.
  • Hood Florals:Hoods are the most beautiful and easiest way to decorate chairs. They are simple yet, effective and can be adapted with a colour scheme and the ruffled floral tie brings it all together nicely.
  • Tie Draping:Make the chair Cambro Covers look complex with artistically created fabric draping tied together at the back. With the creative tying, you can create this intoxicating effect to add an appeal. You can experiment with various fabrics like ivory linen to make it more impactful.