Convection microwaves utilize a fan and a warming component to prepare food. You can barbecue and earthy colored food with these models, and they will in general cook all the more uniformly. It's conceivable to make Roti, naan, broil chicken, prepare bread, cake, and cook an assortment of dinners with a convection microwave. Some offer additional items, for example, air singing (called Slim Fry™ in Samsung models), steam cooking and yogurt making as well. Go for a convection microwave in the event that you need the largest scope of capacities. You can defrost, heat, cook, earthy colored, fresh, heat, and plan food utilizing a similar apparatus, making it a shrewd space-saver for littler kitchens, or use it as a subsequent broiler on the off chance that you normally get ready enormous dinners.

Samsung flame broil microwave in dark completion.


Barbecue microwaves offer similar highlights as solo microwaves, with the expansion of an inner flame broil. This implies you can brown and fresh food, just as cook it, improving food surface and giving you yummier outcomes. These microwaves permit you to barbecue meat and vegetables, yet paneer as well. Both the flame broil and microwave capacity can be utilized together, or independently, giving you greater adaptability when cooking.

Best solo microwave oven in dark. Current Samsung solo microwave.


Solo microwaves are likewise alluded to as 'standard' microwaves or 'microwave-just' models. They're ideal for straightforward undertakings like warming, preparing prepared dinners, steaming vegetables and defrosting food. Pick a performance microwave in the event that you essentially need to warm up and defrost food, and needn't bother with additional highlights for more intricate cooking.


Microwave Dimensions

Microwaves arrive in a scope of sizes; think about a microwave's outer measurements and its ability in liters before buying. This will assist you with finding out whether you have the space for it, and on the off chance that it can oblige the dinner sizes you require. Homegrown microwaves have a limit of around 20-35 liters; the more individuals you normally cook for, the bigger the microwave limit ought to be.

Microwave Wattage

Microwave power is estimated in Watts – more noteworthy the Wattage, the speedier food prepares. Thus, if speed is critical to you, pay special mind to microwaves with a higher wattage.

Highlights to Look Out For

Microwaves accompany a large group of highlights that make cooking faster and simpler. Various machines will have various highlights, so it merits understanding which of these will be generally advantageous to you.

Dark Samsung unattached microwave on present day kitchen work surface.

Clay Interiors

A clay inside surface takes into account simple cleaning and aides in keeping staining from oil and oil buildup after some time. Against bacterial and scratch safe, clay surfaces give preferred long haul execution over hardened steel or epoxy insides.

Masala and Sun Dry Mode™

This element permits you to get ready masala and tadka in the microwave, getting a similar surface and fragrance as you would, utilizing customary cooking techniques. Sun Dry mode permits you to warm protect nourishments rapidly – in minutes, not days – without forgetting about food in the sun. Samsung propelled the scope of Masala and Sun Dry microwaves in 2018, explicitly for the Indian market.

Auto Cook

Select the food you need to cook from a rundown of pre-characterized plans; the auto cook setting will set the time and force level for you, guaranteeing food isn't under or over-cooked.

Kid Twist

Kid lock cripples the microwave's usefulness, keeping youngsters from changing cooking times or start/stop programs.


Inward air is constrained external the machine when 'Deodoriser' work is chosen. This kills smells from past use, and food tastes new.

Debilitate Turntables

This component empowers you to debilitate the turntable, with the goal that you can utilize the entire inside of the microwave for enormous or rectangular dishes.

Entryway Transparency

A straightforward entryway permits you to see the food while preparing, in this way abstaining from consuming or flooding. This is called Easy View™ in Samsung microwaves.

Vitality Save Mode

Lessen vitality use, and in this manner your month to month bills, by putting your microwave on Energy Save Mode when it's on reserve. This is called ECO Mode in chose Samsung microwaves.

Maturation Technology

The maturation include permits you to make natively constructed yogurt and confirmation mixture in the microwave.

Keep Warm Function

This keeps food at the correct temperature, without overcooking. This element is especially valuable in case you're setting up various dishes, or keeping food warm for a late appearance.

One-Touch Controls

Pre-set projects permit you to advantageously cook various nourishments at the dash of a catch. The Healthy Cooking highlight on Samsung models permits you to pre-set your preferred plans, so they're cooked ideally each time.

Fast Defrost

This element permits you to defrost nourishments quickly and equitably for quicker planning time.

Sensor Cooking

Sensor cooking changes the force level and cooking time, in view of the thickness of dampness in the food and air, to guarantee the best outcomes. This is called Smart Moisture Sensor in Samsung microwaves.


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Microwave Maintenance

A microwave will perform best when dealt with. Follow the nuts and bolts and you ought to get long periods of utilization from your new machine.

Hand cleaning down microwave inside.

Microwave Dos

Clean routinely with warm, foamy water and a material, checking the entryway and pivots for consumption. A grimy inside will mean food prepares gradually and less uniformly. You ought to consistently unplug your microwave while cleaning.

Just use cookware that is marked 'microwave safe.'

On the off chance that you have a detached microwave, check the client manual to see how enormous a ventilation hole you should abandon or more the machine.

Vent secured food when preparing, so steam can escape securely.

Microwave Don'ts

Clean with abrasives like steel fleece or scouring wipes.

Utilize metal compartments or items inside the microwave – this incorporates food contort ties.

Press start when the microwave is vacant; the microwaves delivered could harm the inside dividers.

Regardless of whether you're searching for a direct performance microwave, an adaptable barbecue microwave, or a do-it-all convection microwave, you will locate the ideal match from Samsung.