This really is therefore significantly the situation that anyone who enters any negativity in to the proceedings by writing cynical articles or scathing Facebook threads about this it'll straight away be caught by an elite squad of Natural Berets, closed up in a psychiatric institution and have their brain re-wired with drugs.

To those who insist that such therapy is a touch harsh, Ms Fibbs retorted, "Number, it isn't."She then proceeded to describe that in any case, harbouring concerns about your democratically decided dictatorship has become illegal and those that persist that individuals have constitutional rights are advised that, no they don't. The Constitution was abolished last Wednesday by the Democratic Committee for the Abolition of the Structure when it was demonstrated beyond doubt with a press launch from any office of the Leader that its material was largely seditious and ran contrary to the inalienable correct of multinational corporations to be unconstitutional and/or wreck the planet. There will probably be a subliminal implant saying that modest constitutional change next year.The President herself, speaking at the start of the National Huge Brother opposition - in which the lives of all people is going to be privately televised to an audience of Homeland Security specialists - took stop to congratulate the Frankenstein Institute because of its "sterling work."

Leader Stalin is distinguished for being teacher of teachers world's first cloned President and was genetically engineered in a lab in Zimbabwe to possess number common sense. He went on to express, "There are those that assert that the answer to the chaos and inefficiency that has created an under-populated and scarcely developed planet appear overcrowded is to perform points greater and end being stupid. But we say there is you should not head to such extraordinary measures once we have at our disposal the methods to mess recklessly with genes."And he included, "The Frankensteins have shown us the way in which forward. The answer to a world that seems little is to produce people also smaller!"

The technical means to obtain the age-old goal of creating humans really small comes in the shape of the "Lilliput Drug."Scientists noted that human beings, specially in America, have been finding larger and larger and believed that by the year 2100 the typical American guy will soon be over 20 legs tall and almost as broad and consider around three tons.The strain on the Earth's assets of significantly large individual figures is evident: bigger figures consume more food and consume more important nutrients such as coffee and liquor, involve larger amounts of drugs (or bullets) to sedate or kill them, need greater cars and houses, use more toilet paper, take up more space and therefore on.

The clear answer to the thing is apparent: produce human beings smaller. If, era by technology, humans could be genetically manufactured to be steadily smaller in proportions, returning over time at what is believed to be the best measurement for an individual - about four inches tall and five kilos in weight - significant savings is going to be created on the usage of the Earth's resources.At these great proportions, it has been determined that the entire population of the planet can live easily on the Isle of Wight and be provided by the agricultural production of Angola.In other words, as how big humans minimizes, the entire world may, from our perspective, look to cultivate larger and larger until it fits with the relative measurement of Jupiter. This can give everybody far more elbow room.There would be an added benefit in that labour is a lot more comfortable for moms pregnancy to kiddies who with each era are approximately half how big the previous generation.