HubSpot Lacks an Automated Power Dialer Software!

HubSpot is one of the most known CRMs on the market. It can be said that it is one of the leaders in the industry. But is there no HubSpot alternative? How many other CRMs are there that provide better features than this one? There are indeed alternatives, and some of them can indeed provide you with better features. But the things that you need to know about are the lacking points of this CRM. The first thing that HubSpot lacks is an automated power dialer software.

In many industries, the most used methods of communication are phone calls. So, you will need software that provides the most advanced means of communication on the market. If you use a CRM that is not able to do that, then the efficiency of your company is not maximized. And this means that your company will lose opportunities as well as have higher costs for the same results. For this reason, you need to ensure that the CRM that you are going to use in the future provides the most efficient communication tools.

The difference between an automated tool and a manual one is very big. It may seem that the effort that your employees spend to make a call in not very important. But they may even lose 30 mins to 1 hour every day on making the calls manually. On the other hand, an automated tool will make that time productive. The bigger your team is, the more time is saved, and the higher the productivity of your company will be.

Other Feature Pitfalls Besides the Automated Power Dialer Software!

Besides the automated power dialer software , HubSpot also has several other feature pitfalls that you need to know about.

• High complexity. The first problem that HubSpot has is the high degree of complexity. It is built in such a way that creates difficulties while using different features of the software. You are not able to get all the information that you need in a single place. You need to switch from page to page to be able to find all the information about a contact.

• Inflexible. Another problem that you will find is the inflexibility that some of the features provided have. Some of the examples are the fields that can’t be customized. They are related to the contacts. But you can’t personalize them at all. The essence of a reliable CRM is a high degree of customization that will allow any company to change it based on its needs. So, without this essence, it is very hard to make this software cover all the needs of your company.

• Unproductive. You need to waste a lot of time using different features that should be found in a single place and associated with the same contact. But because this CRM does not provide this convenience, the time wasted by your team will decrease their productivity. And this lowers the profits that your company is making.

How to Find a Better HubSpot Alternative!

Now you may wonder how you can find a HubSpot alternative that does not have similar problems and has a better quality overall. As mentioned above, there are many alternatives on the market. But most of them are even worse than this CRM. So, if you want to find the best alternative for your company, then you will need to look for the top ones. And to do that, you have to follow several steps.

• Make a list of your company’s needs. The first task that you need to take care of is to make a list of the needs of your company. This first step is essential because you need to know exactly what you want from a CRM. If the features that it provides are not useful to your company, then it does not matter if you find the best CRM in the market. So, to be able to find what you are looking for, you need to know what to look after. This list will be used to find alternatives that fulfill all the requirements of your company.

• Make a list with all the alternatives that you can find. The second step is to make a list of all the alternatives that you can find. Keep in mind that the more alternatives you can find, the higher your chances are to find a CRM that fulfills all your company’s needs and requirements. The more time you invest in this method, the better the results and the higher the returns you will get in the future.

• Find the ones that cover all your needs. Now you need to check all the sites of the CRMs on your list. Take it slowly and check them one by one. Your goal is to find the ones that can cover all your company’s needs. If there are still too many companies left in the end, then you can reduce their number based on the extra features that will be useful to your company. When there are only 2-5 left, you can stop your selection and go to the next step.

• Contact their clients. Now that you only have a few options left, it is time to contact the clients of these alternatives and get their opinions. If you can, then you should try to find someone that is no longer a client of each company and ask them about the problems that caused them to stop collaborating with these CRMs. You need to find out all the good points as well as the bad ones to be able to make the best decision. You want to find the alternative that will bring you the biggest amount of benefits.

• Try their software. The last step is to try the software of the best alternative. Even if everything else may point out that this is the best alternative. But you need to ensure this point. And the best method to do that is through a trial or to start a short-term collaboration. Your decision to continue the collaboration should be based on the results produced due to the chosen CRM.