It is never easy to find the best match for your video or audio projects. There are a lot of sites that may provide you with royalty-free music. However, there are pros and cons to that too. Thus, it is advisable to buy rap instrumentals for sale from trustworthy websites than just picking the royalty-free music for your project. Some of the pros can be, it is often seen as the best and cheaper way to source the rap instrumentals. A number of libraries are available for getting free music. Here, you can listen to music, thus, either you can get the full version or the shorter version of the music. It can quickly be downloaded once you choose what you want. The cons of downloading free music from websites such as iBeat, Audionautix, Musopen, Soundclick is that, although there is a variety of beats available you may still not find the best fit. The whole process gets tiring, boring, and most importantly time-consuming as you might have to browse through the different sites and listen to every piece up for grabs. If the rap instrumental you chose is a famous one, then probably many have already used it.