COVID-19 aftermath for Auto Industries 

The automotive industry has been the showstopper of technological advancement for many years. Smart pods for autonomous public transport and sleek visions of self-driving cars blaze the trail for the transportation industry. Connected-Autonomous-Shared-Electric: is a much-anticipated future!

Automotive OEMs were reinventing themselves as mobility service providers when the pandemic rocked the world, resulting in a pause in the R&D growth of the industry, and forcing the industry to re-calibrate their business models and realizing the importance of creating a mobility ecosystem and car data monetization.

 Transformation of the mobility landscape

The pandemic has created massive shifts in consumer expectations, mobility offerings, and operations forcing the industry to pivot in a manner to adapt to the new age customer demands of connected services.

  • Enhance In-car Productivity and Digital LifeIn-car productivity services to improve the customer’s connected experience. Customers are keen to use driving time with greater voice-enabled productivity along with insights into a driver’s daily tasks to broaden the range of car capabilities. 
  • An Ecosystem of Connected ServicesCreating a digital marketplace for connected services that delivers much more than just mobility to indulge the end customer. Special offers and flexible contracts always add the spark. Visit our last blog – 8 Industries being transformed by Connected Car Data. 


How Airlinq can help in the Digitization journey for the OEM?

At Airlinq, we believe, connected ecosystems of tomorrow will present tremendous monetization opportunities for automakers while building numerous new avenues for customer engagement from transforming the vehicle (or driver) data into relevant actionable information. 

Airlinq’s connected car platform fast tracks the connected car journey for Automotive OEMs enabling them to offer infotainment, safety, and utility services inside the vehicle to enhance the customer experience. Connected car API orchestration enables seamless onboarding of third-party service providers and a rich digital ecosystem of connected services creating new streams of digital revenues across the value chain. To know more on a connected car platform, do visit