Small business owners always prefer quality search engine traffic to generate leads and clients. The actual challenge that comes you doesn't have a whole grasp of however SEO works. An SEO expert helps you to actually know the working strategy and grow your business as well. 

Although there is no specific hard and fast rule to find the #1 SEO company below mentioned are a couple of steps that must be taken to search for the best one. 

1. First, Determine Your Goals

The agency you decide as #1 SEO company will do heaps for you, as well as will serve together along with your search strategy. However, before contacting anyone, determine your business goals then accept the result. Then you must know how much revenue do you need to earn this year? Do you need new clients for new strategies? By building your strategy you will also be able to generate new leads thus achieving your goals. 

2. Characteristic Traits

After this start searching completely different SEO companies, and after that create a master list of six characteristics you would like to check in your agency to confirm a smooth operating relationship. Every agency has different characteristics and you always follow yours. 

3. Always Check Client Reviews 

A company which is famous and known for its work and working strategies work well and their clients also review them. Those real reviews can help you to understand the working strategy and ability of the #1 SEO company. 

In addition to this, you must also check the way they report you about the tasks performed.