It will come as no surprise to learn that Donald Trump’s Twitter has been a bit of a mess today, but even by the standards of the US president, one part of it was particularly bizarre.

Two tweets from the most powerful man in the world were retweets of a clearly faked video of his Democratic rival Joe Biden playing the ’80s classic ‘Fuck tha Police’ by NWA.

Trump began his journey of misunderstanding with a gentle query of “what is this all about?”

The answer to this question was fairly obvious, especially as Twitter had plastered a large ”Manipulated media” banner across the original tweet.


Perennially undeterred by facts, reasons and logic, Trump continued in his quest to promote the fake video, this time by making some rather dubious assumptions about China.

It’s not clear if Trump thinks China is particularly susceptible to fake videos or if they just love rap music.

Of course what the president is actually trying to do is stoke divisions ahead of the upcoming presidential election by fanning false claims that Biden wants to abolish police forces across the US.

Trump has to engage in such bizarre antics as he is trailing badly in the polls. Even the magazine Scientific American has broken with 175 years of history by endorsing a presidential candidate, coming down heavily on the side of Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

Oh and if you’re wondering, it was actually Despacito, obviously.

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