Custom Manufacturing by Vacuum Forming

Where do we use this technology?

•Thermoformed plastic blister.
• Thermoformed plastic displays and supports.
• Thermoformed plastic lids, trays, and covers.
• Thermoformed plastic containers and packaging.
• Thermoformed plastic prototypes.

We are specialists and we can help you and guide you towards the best solution for your product since we have numerous examples and samples of plastic manufactured by thermoforming and vacuum molding.


We produce customized and customized plastic thermoformed parts and products for you very quickly and at very competitive prices. Our large production volumes make it possible to offer very low prices, even for small manufacturing quantities.


We use production techniques and manufacturing processes under thermoforming and high-performance vacuum molding, from plastic plates, to which we apply heat, pressure, and vacuum, obtaining the plastic parts in the shape of the mold used.


The production of plastic products and parts through thermoforming represents cost savings compared to other manufacturing techniques.


We work for companies that are very demanding with the quality-price of vacuum molded plastic products, not only visual advertising products for the point of sale but also special parts for automobiles, household appliances, as well as prototypes. We offer efficient production of thermoformed or vacuum molded product solutions for any industrial need, in the pharmaceutical and medical sector, and industrial in general, manufacturing the appropriate supports, containers, and packaging for your products.

THE THERMOCONFORMING WORK process design of the product to be manufactured by thermoforming of our manufacturing projects start with design. Usually, all thermoformed plastic products are part of a larger product, either as exterior protection, as an aesthetic element, or as one of the parts of the product. Our technical staff will be able to advise you in order to establish the design of the part you need and will determine if it is compatible with the production process through vacuum molding.

If you wish, we have samples of work carried out, so that it is easier for you to choose the product or design you need, especially for point-of-sale advertising, such as displays, stands, etc.

1 Choice of plastic material or materials for thermoforming function and aesthetics of the plastic product to be manufactured will lead to the choice of the plastic material to be used. Each type of plastic has a series of properties and advantages that through thermoforming can also be used, such as colors and textures, which allow an appropriate appearance and resistance or flexibility.

2 plastic part molds mold can be metal or earth.

3 Thermoforming plastic part or pieces to which we wish to apply the vacuum molding are placed on the mold, the necessary temperature is applied and then the vacuum pressure is applied that brings the plastic closer to the mold, taking its shape. The piece is cooled and extracted from the mold and the excess plastic parts are removed if necessary.

4 Other processes for handling thermoformed plastics In some cases, our clients require the assembly of the manufactured part with other types of elements of the product to which they correspond. We provide added value to the client, taking care of the handling processes that the client requires to complete the necessary work.