Sports genre has been the top choice of gamers ever since the virtual world of video games was introduced. Following this, famous sports games developer, Visual Concepts has released NBA 2K21 on 4th September 2020. Although, it’s been only two weeks since the game was unleashed however it has already acquired acclamation. The reason for this could also be the NBA 2K franchise whose popularity is helping this game.

The game’s most prominent aspect is Badges that gamers need to attain, and each of them has different skills. In this article, we are going to discuss NBA 2K21 Best Badges with the gamers so that they can grab them to provide ease to their game.

All Best Shooting and Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K21

Before jumping onto the process, let us first brief the gamers about Badges in NBA 2K21. Players need to know that there are various Badges available in NBA 2K21, and each of them has different skills. The first level of a Badge is known as Silver Trait, and it can be updated to the next level, which is called HOF. Furthermore, there are two types of Badges in NBA 2K21; Playmaking and Shooting Badges. Below we have written about the best Shooting as well as Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K21.

Best Shooting Badges

Range Extender

The first most useful Shooting Badge is the Range Extender that grants gamers to execute bombs from a far distance. This Badge can make any player playing Basketball as Damian Lillard who is known as the best Cover athlete in the history of the NBA.

Hot Zone Hunter

The second Shooting useful Badge is known as Hot Zone Hunter, and it allows gamers to boost up their shooting percentage. This Badge is extremely useful for the players who usually make attempts from a similar location.

Flexible Release

The third Shooting Badge is Flexible Release, and it grants players to perfect their timings while making a shot from extreme distances.

Difficult Shots

Gamers who are fans of Kobe Bryant need to know that this Badge will make any player play Basketball like him. The Badge allows gamers to confuse their contenders through quick dribbling and attempting shots at the same time.

Dead Eye

The next Shooting Badge is known as Dead Eye and is usually used by gamers when they need to overcome the Defender in their way.

Corner Specialist

Probably, this Badge is one of the best Shooting Badges because it allows gamers to execute Corner Three, which is considered as the best shot in Basketball. Gamers who are willing to use Corner Three should obtain Corner Specialist Badge as soon as possible.

Catch and Shoot

If the gamers are playing in another mode instead of MyCareer or MyPlayer, then they need to use this Badge to include Catch and Shoot skills.

Best Playmaking Badges


The first best Playmaking Badge in NBA 2K21 is Unpluckable, and it works best when players are likely to lose the Ball from their hands. Hence, if you assume that the Defender is about to snatch Ball from you, then immediately utilize Unpluckable Badge to avoid it.

Quick First Step

If players have made up their mind to become offensive rather than defensive, then they must use Quick First Step to launch attacks on your opponents’ side instantly.

Lob City Passer

This Badge can also be considered as the best Playmaking Badge in NBA 2K21 because it increases the level of attribute every time players throw or dunk the Basketball. Alongside, the Badge also increases efficiency and inactiveness of the players.

Handles For Days

Gamers need to know that while dribbling, it takes a lot of energy of the gamers to perform this action. Thus, after using Handles For Days, gamers can quickly Dribble without losing their energy or Stamina. This Badge is especially for those players who use dribbling a lot.

Floor General

There are several names of Basketball players who you can consider the greatest when it comes to making other players of the team better. Magic Johnson or Lebron James is the epitome of this great attribute, and when gamers use Floor General Badge, then they will also start playing like these legends in their game.


NBA 2K21 has been on the much-awaited list of gamers for a long time. Besides, like its predecessor, NBA 2K21 has both Shooting and Playmaking Badges that play a crucial role in improving the game of the players. In this article, we have provided information about all the best Shooting and Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K21.

Gamers can play NBA 2K21 on their Xbox OnePCGoogle StadiaPS4Nintendo SwitchPS5 and Xbox Series X.

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