Do you have reason to believe that suspicious activity is going on in your teenager’s Facebook Message logs? Well, then you’re going to need a Facebook Messenger tracker! Fortunately, tracking apps are plentiful these days — and quite easy to use too! Go through my list of favorite Messenger tracking apps and make sure to stick around until the end to learn how you can use one to make sure that your teenager is keeping safe online.

First, as promised, let’s go through my favorite Facebook Messenger tracker apps. I’ve compiled this list specifically in order to introduce you to a selection of apps — more often called spy apps that you can install and setup on your teenager’s device. Once setup, these apps can provide data remotely (for Facebook activity, text messages, calls, GPS location, etc.) whilst keeping your teen none the wiser.

1. Aispyer

First on my list is Aispyer. It is my personal favorite when it comes to spy apps. It makes a magnificent Messenger tracker, providing you complete message logs between your teen and their contacts. Again, all it requires is a bit of setup on your teen’s phone and you can have access to everything that they do in their device — online or otherwise.

• Spying on Facebook Messenger is completely discreet (app is hidden after setup.)

• Facebook tracking includes complete conversation history (incoming messages, outcoming messages, deleted messages, time stamps, date stamps, etc.)

• Offers other surveillance tools for tracking location, text messages, web history, and more.

• See the web history to avoid unhealthy content.

• Check fast all popular social media activities.

2. mSpy

Supporting various devices like iPad, iPhone, and Android here is mSpy. An important point to note with mSpy is that it offers 24/7 customer support.

• mSpy is an affordable solution that tracks the target device with less than $1 per day.

• Easy installation and monitoring with less than 10 minutes.

• All the tracked data is encrypted and protected.


Another popular solution known to solve both parental and employee- surveillance-related epiphany is XNSPY. It comes up with all advanced feature set that does the tracking in real-time. XNSPY is reliable with both Android and iOS devices.

• XNSPY is affordable with a cheap monthly fee but offering full tracking functionalities.

• Helps in keeping your kid from cyber-bullying activities.

• 24/7 instant alerts and XNSPY analytics are some of XNSPY additions.

The sooner that you can set up one of these monitoring apps on your teen’s device, the better off you'll be. They’re there to provide you peace-of-mind — not just with making sure that your teen is not communicating with suspicious people over the internet, but also so you can take swift action should it be necessary. So, don’t wait around! Try out Aispyer or the other nine apps we introduced today and enjoy the feeling of security that these spy apps can provide.