I am often, very often even asked this question and the answer is extremely simple. I chose this name because with me you will become an unstoppable woman in a very short time. To give you a precise idea, in 15 minutes, I can replace a limiting belief that you have had for years with a constructive belief. For example, the way others look at you has always been a problem for you, in 15 minutes it can be fixed, you lack self-confidence, in 15 minutes it’s over, you suffer from the impostor syndrome, 15 minutes and we don’t talk about it any more. That’s what Therap’ide is all about. But that’s not all, there’s another hidden meaning and if you’ve found it, I congratulate you, because it’s not easy. The IDE of Therap’ide is also for ” State Registered Nurse ” . Because nurses and all people who like to help others also need help, that’s why 80% of my clients are nurses or people whose vocation is to help others.