Leak detection of corrosive chemicals in double walled containment tanks has become a necessity in the industry for both corrosive and non-corrosive liquids alike.

Levelpro’s Leak detection sensor is a highly developed and reliable leak detection sensor which is an all plastic corrosion resistant design. Which makes it perfect for corrosive liquids. It faultlessly senses the presence of any conductive liquid by utilizing the ultra-sensitive capacitive technology. It is important to highlight, Levelpro’s LDS-YN leak detection sensor utilizes non-contact technology, therefore, it does not need to come in contact with the process liquid. Again, it monitors the interstitial space among double wall tanks, tank retention dikes, secondary containment sumps, and are where process pumps and valves are utilized. One of the most important features is the LDS-YN sensor has been designed to tolerate even the most unfavorable conditions and optimize performances according to the severity of the condition. The sensor pairs perfectly with Levelpro’s ProAlert, an industrial built, audible, and visual alarm. Considering all of these special features, the LDS-YN leak detection sensor is virtually maintenance free. There is a robust PVC cable on the top corner of the sensor that is also corrosion-free and water resistant.