MOLOCO, a leader in machine learning and growth solutions for mobile marketers, today announced the launch of its programmatic advertising platform, MOLOCO Cloud. MOLOCO Cloud gives marketers direct control over their programmatic advertising operations through self-serve functionality that lets them bring their mobile marketing in-house while leveraging the same machine learning algorithms MOLOCO uses to maximize campaign performance for its managed services.

“Our goal at MOLOCO is to provide marketers with the tools and technical infrastructure needed to thrive in the modern mobile marketplace,” said Ikkjin Ahn, co-founder and CEO of MOLOCO. “With MOLOCO Cloud, we’re taking the next natural step—giving more control to advertisers so they can take a hands-on approach to managing their programmatic ad campaigns on a global scale while still enjoying the full benefits of our performance optimization algorithms.”

MOLOCO Cloud provides mobile marketers with direct access to real-time campaign data so that they can optimize performance at the impression level. Delivering a more comprehensive solution than what is available today, MOLOCO Cloud provides total transparency over programmatic operations and complete control over every aspect of campaign management. Other current features include