If you're like most of us, you work hard. You have your job, family, and other commitments. And when you watch television it should be an opportunity to relax and have some fun, not another source of frustration from poor programming selection, or anxiety from increasing rates. That's why Dish Network goes to great lengths to make sure that TV time for you is a good experience.

Dish Network provides great technology to make sure you can spend time watching what you want to watch rather than wondering what's on when. To do this, Dish network Satellite TV has an exclusive Electronic Program Guide which presents all of the available programming as a table that you can scroll though. This way you can see what's on in the near future (actually up to nine days in advance on some receivers!), when the program was made, who the actors are, MPAA ratings, and often information about the plot or subject matter. This feature is great because it eliminates the need to channel surf. You can simply look to see what's on and go right to it.

Dishnetwork Satellite TV also has Parental Control Locks standard on all of their receivers. This feature makes television more pleasurable because it takes away the anxiety about your kids getting into programming inappropriate for their ages. It can limit access to content based on MPAA ratings, time of day, channel, or specific program.

Dish Network receivers with Digital Video Recorder (DVR for short) capability can make television more convenient. A DVR makes it easy to record your favorite programs on a hard drive with the push of a button, so that you can watch them when you're ready. You can even watch one show while recording another or two at once when you're away from the house. A Dishnet DVR basically does everything you're VCR used to do, only it's easy to program and you don't have to futz around with tapes. An additional attraction of digital video recording however, is that it lets you pause and replay live TV so you'll never have to miss a crucial scene again if you have to step out for a moment or take a phone call.

All of this great technology would be pretty pointless if there wasn't anything to use it for! Fortunately Dishnetwork Satellite TV has that end of things covered too with the best programming packages in the industry. For the household that just needs an economical way to stay informed and entertained, Dish Network offers the forty channel DishFamily package which includes great channels like NickToons, Discovery Kids, Food Network, Animal Planet, C-SPAN, and more. The next package up, America's Top 60 Entertainment Package offers even more great channels like the History Channel, ABC Family Channel, Nick at Nite, Spike TV, The Weather Channel, Men's Channel, Comedy Central, USA Network, TBS, VH1, ESPN, the Discovery Channel, and the Disney Channel. Dish Network's America's Top 120 Entertainment Package has everything from America's Top 60 plus channels like tech TV, WGN, ESPN Classic, Fuse, and Toon Disney. America's Top 180 Entertainment Package offers Great American Country, VH1Classic, a bunch of movie channels, The Science Channel, Wisdom Television, Outdoor Life Network, SoapNet, Style, The Golf Channels, and more. Local channels are available in most areas via the satellite dish.

Dishnetwork Satellite TV also offers other great packages that include movie channels, the best HDTV (High Definition Television) package in the entertainment industry, and foreign language programming from around the world.

Dish Network is the obvious choice for technology that makes television convenient, values that make it affordable, and programming that's a pleasure to watch. All of this entertainment is available in the privacy of your own home. Switch to the highest quality home entertainment. The special Dishnetwork promotional offers that are available now offer free DishTV DVR and free DishTV HDTV receiver upgrades. Free professional installation is included. This is the end of your search for the best quality entertainment. Join the millions of other happy Dishnetwork customers.

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