If you work all day, or have to spend the day away from home, a great option for your dog to be distracted and spend all the accumulated energy is to put him in a nursery. In several cities this practice is already very popular and the variety of options has grown more and more. But choosing a good dog boarding Charleston sc may not be an easy task as it is necessary to pay attention to some details for your dog to be well.

If you are thinking about this possibility, or want to evaluate if your dog's current boarding is really good, follow the tips.

Boarding rules

The first rule is that the dog needs to be sociable and, obviously, have a total absence of aggression towards people and other dogs. For this, an evaluation will be carried out, where your dog will need to spend a period in the boarding so that they can evaluate whether the dog is happy or not to attend their space.

The other requirement is the absence of contagious diseases and up-to-date vaccines. It is quite common for boarding centre to ask to see the dog's vaccination card and some even scan to have the data saved.


The nursery should provide your dog with safety and comfort. So it is important to go to the place and make a point of getting to know each corner, if the nursery does not present the structure to you, be suspicious. A good space offers your dog different textures to play with, such as different floors, available toys, ventilation, cover for rainy days, water jugs, paths, fenced areas that do not allow the dog, by chance, to escape.


Nurseries are usually in homes and have a large yard for dogs to play. Think that the dog will be there most of the day, so it is important that the place is constantly being cleaned, have hygienic rugs or grams for the needs, the clean little beds, the little pots of water always sanitized. So before choosing the best dog boarding Charleston sc, you must follow the aspects.

Qualified professionals

Also make sure that the place has authorization to operate and professionals with experience in dog training and who really like dogs.

Veterinary assistance

Another important factor is the assistance of a good veterinarian for emergencies, there is no need to have a veterinarian 100% of the time on site, but that the nursery tries to support a clinic or has the contact of its trusted veterinarian to run with your dog if necessary.


Your dog goes to boarding to spend energy, not to sleep. So ask about the activities that are done during the day. Many boarding centres have a schedule where there is time to play ball, time to play with rope, as well as time to eat and time to rest.

So these are the tips you need to consider before hiring the best dog boarding near me and stay a hassle free life.