Pikachu has been the favorite character of every kid or a teen, but did you ever think that it can become a part of your everyday fashionable look? What comes to your mind when we say that digital fantasies will be taking place in the real world?

Cutting the suspense, Longchamp is collaborating with Pokemon to bring you tote bags and backpacks that are all set to be launched in October 2020. Longchamp is a private firm owning French leather goods and has been coming up as a lifestyle brand in the past few years.

The unique thing about these accessories is that it’ll feature the Pokemon character named Pikachu. Not only this, but a limited-edition online event is going to be conducted between 2-8th October coinciding with Paris Fashion Week, featuring raids of Pokemon characters. It is worth mentioning that a new avatar backpack accessory item will also be introduced in Pokemon Go.



Delivered in white, dark, and red leather, the Le Pilage shows up in the little, medium, and all other portable sizes. Emblazoned with grinning Pikachu figures, the bags and backpacks are additionally embellished with bright Pokémon keychains. A nylon bag, crossbody, and larger than usual Le Pilage carry bags are printed with goofy graphics of Pikachu.

To praise the joint effort, Pokémon GO players will have the option to complement their Mentors with a Longchamp symbol backpack. Also, Longchamp-themed Pokémon wearing ties and formal hats will show up in the wild and hatch from Eggs.

The collection will be launched and live on October 13, 2020, at the official Longchamp website. Also, the Pokemon Go players will discover a new accessory that is a Longchamp virtual backpack and the activation will begin between October 2nd– November 17th, 2020.

The artistic director of the label Sophie Delafontaine mentioned that it’s the first time they’ve experimented with entertainment and gaming. The concept is real and fresh and can intrigue the audience. “The venture is sure to appeal to fans of both companies,” Kenji Okubo, President of the Pokemon Company International added.

As per the reports, the goods will be sold on online websites of both the organizations, as well as stores of Longchamp that holds a number of 300 across 80 countries.

Interestingly, when you get tired of carrying your bag, your kids won’t deny doing the job for you. Isn’t it interesting? As the collection will be available worldwide, you can order your set of trending and fresh accessories from anywhere around.

Source :-  https://247yellow.com/blog/longchamp-and-pokemon-teaming-up-to-bring-you-printed-pikachu-bags/