The caption might look interesting,” MASKS ARE HERE TO STAY” but
what impact did it create? At the beginning we thought that these
masks are just our guests, but they turned out to be that chacha and
chachi who would always come prepared to live for a whole lot of extra

But does the same thing apply for disposable masks too?

Like the Bhabhi who spread rumor’s, these masks spread coronavirus.
Disposable masks are the biggest potential carrier of coronavirus.
These discarded masks affect millions of people. Masks restrain the
droplets from reaching other people.

Basically, masks are a very effective source in stopping the spread of coronavirus. But when an infected person throws away his/her masks, it affects millions of
people on its way. The people at the highest risk of getting coronavirus
through these disposed off masks are the sanitation workers and
police. Animals also encounter these masks and eventually they will
also become a carrier of this virus.

In this lockdown many people lost their jobs and the ones who were
the wage workers are all jobless and they do not even have the money
to even buy some basic and essential needs. Obviously, they are not
updated about the preventive measures against coronavirus and they
also don’t have enough money to buy masks for all their family
members. Some of them even take the disposed off masks which do
not look used and sell them up for a living and it eventually causes the
spread of the virus.

Recently in Delhi, the sanitation workers complained about the
disposing of masks on a large scale near a graveyard. They filled up
landslides to get rid of these masks. But this is not a way to get rid of
these masks because this will lead to pollution and will ultimately affect
the lives of people as this virus is doing.

We all know that this virus is not going anywhere for a long time and we will have to evolve ourselves and masks, gloves and sanitizers will become our best friends.

Thus, we should also find a way to dispose them off properly. These disposable masks were made to be a boon, but they are becoming a bane for us.

We can turn them into a boon again by properly using them and by
disposing them properly.

Recently there was a lot of buzz on whether reusable masks are better
or disposable ones. A lot of people are making reusable homemade
masks and there are a lot of trends too on how to make masks more

The one disadvantage of disposable masks is also that they
are not fashionable enough. They don’t add the fashion statement
people want. As compared to disposable masks, reusable masks are
more used.

But these are also widely used by doctors while dealing with patients
affected with coronavirus.

So, to ensure that there will be no spread of coronavirus through these disposable masks we need to adopt following preventive measures:

1. Before disposing any masks, we should pour boiling water over it.
This will kill all the germs including the virus in 3 hours.

2. Used masks should be buried at a depth of at least 10 feet to
avoid the spread of virus.

3. Before disposing the masks, fold it into half so that the inner lining
of the masks will remain covered.

We are also advised to use reusable homemade masks rather than
these disposable masks as these reusable masks can be easily washed
and will not meet many people.

In the end, disposable masks can be seen as boon as well as a bane.
Only we can ensure that these disposable masks come out as a hero in
this pandemic. Its always recommend to wear mask while going out.