Apple’s new software just surfaced with much-awaited features and better privacy control. The new upgraded version gives you tighter control over your applications and offers a better user interface. In this article, we will mention some of the best privacy enhancements in iOS 14:

Approximate Location

In the previous versions of the iOS, once you give your applications permission to access your location, they would be able to capture your precise location as long as you don’t turn the location access off. Some applications don’t need your exact location to function like local news and weather. But with their new version, the applications can only access your approximate location. You can access this feature by going into the “Settings” and then tap on “Privacy” and then “Location.” After that, can you turn off the toggle of “Precise location.”

Camera and Microphone Indicators

This new feature of iOS 14 shows you a colored indicator if your device’s application is accessing the camera and microphone. An orange dot will appear at the upper-left corner of your screen, and it will turn green once your microphone or camera gets accessed.

Limited Access to Photo Library

This new feature of iOS 14 gives you the ability to provide limited access to your applications to access your photo library. When an application asks to grant access to access your photo library, you can tap on “Select Photos,” This function will enable you to select pictures from your library that your application can access. This feature increases the privacy factor of the iPhone to another level.

Safari Privacy Report

The Safari Privacy Report allows you to view the trackers’ websites. This is an important feature to enhance your digital privacy and gives better transparency over your visit websites. You can access the feature by tapping on the “Aa” button and then click on the “Privacy Report” from the menu.

Safari Password Monitoring

The Safari Password Monitoring feature will give you an alert if your saved passwords have been breached. In iOS 14, Safari will keep tabs on the passwords you use and alert you in any breach.

Privacy “Nutrition Labels” for Applications

This iOS 14 feature displays the privacy information cards, just like the nutrition labels for each application. These labels will give you better information on the accessibility and usage of the collected data. You can see the information in a transparent and easy to read format.

Upgrade to Sign-in with Apple

This feature allows you to eliminate the old Facebook and Google login for applications and websites with a more private “Sign-in with Apple” login. The private login will restrict these companies from accessing your data like your email address for a better privacy experience.


The latest version of iOS 14 gives you these fantastic privacy features, as mentioned above, along with a better user interface.

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SOURCE : Top Privacy features of iOS 14