The best and ideal way to purchase a car is to go to a dealer and check the car by taking a test drive and checking the inventory by yourself. However, apps can make it quite easy, as you can see a variety of cars in one place and compare them quickly. So, buying a car through a mobile app is not a bad idea. Here are some car shopping apps available for Android.


Autolist app is quite similar to AutoTrader, where you can find used cars and trucks. You can easily search, sort, and save your favorite cars. The Autolist app provides you with a variety of cars along with their price histories, and an alert tool that sends you a notification when the price drops. The app’s interface is basic, but it looks good and is entirely available for free.


AutoScout24 is an excellent car shopping app for Europe that boasts an index of more than two million cars. The app lets you search and contact the seller very easily through the app. It even gives you an option for sorting so that you can adjust things according to your comfort; you can sort price, distance, registration date, mileage of the car, and many more things. You can even post your car on the app for sale; it is a pretty amazing car shopping app and available entirely for free.


AutoTrader is quite a decent car shopping app in the US. You can use this app to search new as well as used cars near your locality. Despite it, the app offers you a set of filters that you can use to find the exact vehicle you want to purchase. You can even save your favorites and contact the owner via the app. The app is available for free, but it will cost you money if you want to post your car for sale.

CARFAX Used Cars

CARFAX Used Cars is a very useful car shopping app for people who want to buy a second-hand car. Each car on the app comes with a CARFAX report so that you can easily check if anything is wrong with the vehicle. You can even save your favorites for further viewing and use the sort feature in order to find vehicles of your choice.


CarMax is another fantastic car shopping app that lets you search for cars of your choice and save your favorites for future viewing. The CarMax app provides you with a variety of features, including an alert tool that notifies you when the price drops, a payment calculator, a clean and straightforward user interface, and many more. The app works pretty well, but it’s only useful in North America.


Carmudi is a pretty decent car shopping app that boasts more than 200,000 cars for sale. The app provides a variety of features for both buyers as well as sellers. Buyers can search the cars with sorting, save favorites for future viewing, and view buyers. And sellers can easily fill in their car’s details and talk to buyers. But keep in mind that the app works in some limited countries only, so before you install it, check the supported countries’ list on the Google Play Store page. is quite a popular car shopping app that offers tons of cars, a variety of filters, dealer reviews, a payment calculator, and price quotes. The app is amazing, but it’s UI is a little bloated, so you may face difficulty while using the app. Otherwise, is a great place to buy a vehicle.

These are all our recommendations for car shopping apps, and you should try a few of the apps mentioned in the list. Thank you!

source: Car Shopping Apps for Android