Sulesh Wooven Wire Mesh is the most leading manufacturers and Supplier Company in Delhi NCR. We are developing perfect shapes wire Mesh with the latest technologies. We are manufactured in Mild Steel, Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel 304,316, and Aluminum and other metal from. Sulesh Wooven provides excellent quality Expanded Metal Mash and Welded Wire Mesh, Polymer Mesh and Nets, Wire Mesh, Square Mesh Wire Cloth, and many more.

Expanded Metal Mash Usages:-

  • Protecting all kinds of devices, electrical equipment, window, and aquatic products breeding.
  • Large application infiltration purposes
  • Used with concrete in buildings and construction, maintenance of equipment, making of arts and crafts, covering screen for the first-class sound case, and many more.
  • Style Dimensions - Nominal dimension Short Way of Design (SWD).


Sulesh Wooven Wire Mesh is the best leading and manufacturing company in Delhi NCR from many years and it gets a very-reputation place in the wire mesh world. We provide perfect shape and world-class facilities at a very affordable price. If you want to get any type of Wire Mesh just contact us.

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