One of the sixteen rites in Hinduism is the important rite of marriage. The marriage ceremony is very important for the progress of human life. As soon as the age of marriage, parents of marriageable young men and women also start searching for their life partner. But it is said that when marriage is formed, then everything is done successfully. But in some people's horoscope, marriages are not possible, in which case the age changes. But in astrology, every problem has its solution. Therefore, even if the marriage does not happen, due to astrological remedies, problems are solved.

One of the remedies described according to Vedic astrology is gemstone astrology. There are some special gemstones which can prove to be helpful in this matter. Wearing these Stones can also ring the clarinet in your life. But before wearing any gemstone, make sure to show your horoscope with the knowledgeable astrologer, it is very important to know the position of the planets of the horoscope before wearing any gemstone. Let's know about these stones…

Best Gemstone for Marriage related Problem 

  1. Yellow sapphire

Women who are not married get benefits by wearing Yellow Sapphire, as well as those women who are facing problems in their marital life. But keep in mind that the people of Taurus zodiac should not wear pukraj.

  1. Ruby

Surya If people are delaying marriage due to the weak position of Sun in their horoscope, then those people should wear Ruby. Which strengthens the position of Sun in their  7th  house. By doing this, the obstacles facing the person's marriage are removed and the effects of the sun are also reduced.

  1. Wearing Onyx

Strengthens Rahu in the 5th house of your horoscope. Due to this, the chances of marriage in your horoscope increase and the side effects of Rahu begin to decrease.

  1. Wearing a  Diamond

Reduces all the side effects of Venus from a person's life. Venus is related to marriage, children, and material happiness. If the people who are facing the position of Venus in the 7th house of the horoscope, then there will be disruptions in your marriage. For this, wearing a diamond is important.

  1. Blue Sapphire Stone

Blue Sapphire Is considered best for those who own Saturn. Saturn god is happy to wear  Blue sapphire and fill the life of the person with happiness.