This Double Side Band Sealer Machine is specially designed to assemble packets on both sides. Both sides of the pockets/bags are successfully closed. It is widely used in the manufacturing and supply chain industries. Items can be safely packed. The size of the machine can be changed depending on the size of the bag. The bag needs to be placed under a roller coaster and thus close it by leaving the bag on the other side. It is very easy to operate. It can close up to 20 packets per minute. Also, the speed varies depending on packet size and power. Suitable for weight up to 1-2 kg.
If you need to stand straight thermoplastic bags from low to medium level. This vertical stamp includes a stainless steel design and an easy-to-use control panel located on the top right side of the machine. The bags are fed from the right and then pulled through a sealer, producing an 8mm wide mark at the end of the thermoplastic bag. This machine is useful for easy transport and maintenance. The use of this machine is easy with high performance. Low power consumption and saving workers. Protect the product from dust, moisture, soil damage, and pilferage.