The inception of Uber has revolutionized the market and inspired more entrepreneurs to develop on-demand service apps for their businesses. These apps provide benefits beyond the entrepreneur's dreams with its customization options and multiple revenue streams. With the recent liberalization in laws related to marijuana usage, it has turned into a favorable business. As a result, several entrepreneurs start to build their weed delivery business. Here are some of the top on-demand medical marijuana delivery apps in the market.


Eaze was launched by Keith McCarty back in 2014. It is a US-based mobile app and was started with the aim of delivering medical cannabis for patients in California. Eaze was popularly known as "Uber for Weed" in the market due to its similarity with Uber in terms of business model and functionalities. Eaze became a famous firm in 2017 as it reported 300 percent growth. They have grown into a multi-million dollar company with 81 employees and over 250000 customers. 


Weedmaps lets users discover nearby shops that sell medical cannabis. It also enables users to order weed for medical use. Unlike Eaze, Weedmaps does not use Uber's business model. They use the conventional business model and have attracted a large number of loyal customers. Their combination of local clinics and social networking functionality ensures high profits. They have also created an online community in which users can register to discuss cannabis and its medical use with others. Its forum helps people to ask/answer questions posted by others. For entrepreneurs who are not ready to run an Uber-like app for weed delivery, developing a Weedmaps clone app will be the smart move. 


Budly delivers legal cannabis all over California. It is developed by a software development company of the same name. Currently, Budly sells about 100 products and has 120 delivery executives on-board. According to Budly's official report, they have delivered more than 1 million orders to 15000 customers. Their development team has put in their full efforts to ensure that registration and ordering on the platform are easy for users. 

Features that you shouldn’t miss out on your Uber for weed delivery app:

If you are planning on developing an on-demand weed marijuana delivery app, here are the critical features that you shouldn't miss out on your app.  

Features in the customer-side app:

The users should register their account on the platform before starting to use the services. They can register with their email address or phone number. You can also try integrating social media plugins to make things easier for users. They can directly login with their Google or Facebook accounts.

Search button:

This feature makes it easier for users to search for products on the platform. The customers can use search filters, can get a refined result based on price, availability, type, etc.

Minimalistic user interface:

This is not an essential feature but an element that enhances the overall user experience. Users should not feel any hassles or hiccups in navigating the app. Ensure that your app is free of bugs to offer a seamless user experience. Discuss with your development team to design the app with a minimalistic and user-centric approach. 

Multiple payment methods:

Offer your customers the freedom to choose their ideal payment method. Include popular payment options like credit/debit cards, UPI, PayPal, net banking, cash on delivery, etc.

Rating and reviews:

The users should be able to rate or review after completing an order. The user feedback should be transparent and cannot be altered by anyone. Other users can look for a service provider's rating and reviews before placing an order with them. It can also be helpful for providers to improve their service. 

Push notifications:

Push notifications are useful to keep users informed about the status of their orders. It can also be used to send information on discounts, promotions, offers, etc. 

Real-time location tracking:

The real-time location tracking feature is the savior angel in disguise for every on-demand service app in the market. Customers can track their orders' status, and they will receive a notification with a tracking link when their order is out for delivery. The tracking link will contain the estimated delivery time, the driver's real-time location, and order details. 

Features in delivery executives’ app:

Registration is mandatory for delivery executives, just like the customers. In addition to their necessary information, they will be asked to submit their identity proof for verification purposes. The admin team will verify the documents before on-boarding them. Freelance drivers can quickly boost their income by enrolling on the platform.

Accept/Reject jobs:

On-demand weed delivery apps offer flexibility for delivery executives to work part-time. They can choose to accept/reject delivery orders and will not be questioned for dismissing. They will get a notification when they receive an order.

Track earnings:

Delivery executives can easily track their payments on the app. They can also view the details of their previous payments.

Features in-store owners app:
Inventory control:

  After registering their store on the platform by submitting documents of proof, they can start posting their products on the platform. They have full control over the pricing, discounts, and offers. 


The store owners can easily keep track of their business performance. They can also generate reports on the number of orders, earning details, and product performance. 

Track delivery executives:

The admin team will be able to keep track of the delivery executives' as their real-time location will be continuously monitored. The admins can track their location in real-time once they are ready to accept orders. 

Bottom line:

Your primary challenge in this business is to keep yourself out of legal trouble. Study the government rules and regulations thoroughly and figure out a way to run your business effectively. Your app development team will help you with some creative insights so that you can dominate the market in no time.