Whether it is a large company, a medium or small company, a self-employed worker or an entrepreneur, sometimes an advice to improve your management or performance is not enough. This agency in León can play an essential role in the evolution of the business, as far as the outsourcing of its products or services is concerned. Business consulting may be your best option to improve the proper functioning or the resolution of problems of the company If you want to start a business or are thinking about it, therefore, our team of lawyers will provide you with the best advice in León.

Both the provision of administrative advice , as the agency, is a service provided by the firm. At Rhb Global Soluciones there is a commitment to make the performance of the company come true. Developing the skills and abilities necessary for the business to meet its goals. However, it is necessary to determine what is the difference between advisory and agency.

The advice, normally, is limited to the field of support in tax, accounting and labor matters. Meanwhile, administrative management involves other, much broader areas. In this sense, the services of Rhb Global Soluciones go beyond mere business support, that is, the support is comprehensive, efficient and personalized to the needs of each client.

Administrative management for companies and freelancers

The main element to take into account within an administrative agency for companies and freelancers is the processing of documents before the different corresponding public and private organizations. This includes from processing certifications, paying taxes, obtaining permits or authorizations to operate, documented legal acts (Ex: Purchase-sale), among others.

In Spain, both regionally and provincially, compliance with certain standards is required for the provision of this management service in León . This means that it is necessary that whoever provides this service, is registered with the College of Administrative Managers, with the proper credentials.

In this way, having administrative managers from Rhb Global Soluciones is the best option for the business. These managers will provide their services in relation to:

Tax procedures , such as the declaration of VAT, ISLR, with their due vouchers or other tax procedures;

Labor procedures , such as hiring, registration or cancellation of workers, dismissals or monitoring of the company's labor policy;

creation of companies , which entails everything that its beginnings imply, obtaining permits, delivering documents to public entities; including the appropriate recommendations to create a corporation, a limited liability company, personal signature, civil association or any other type of association.

Business management , sometimes, the failures of a business are in its accounting and administration; Therefore, the firm undertakes to carry out accounting management, payroll management, fiscal analysis and any other service that the client requires.

Processing of grants , in Spain and León different business opportunities are offered for those who want to start or manage their business. Whether through a public or private body, businesses have many opportunities to get grants to grow. If the business study shows that this strategy is warranted, the firm will provide due support to obtain it, with the least possible risk.

Synergy between advisory and agency

Although these concepts are different, in practice they are often confused. The reality is that with the passage of time and the development of society, for an advice to be of quality; You may need an accompaniment in Gestoría in León . This is the same as the reverse, good administrative management requires advice, both prior, during and after management.

In this way, Rhb Global Soluciones offers a synergy between consultancy and management;  that is adequate, of quality and personalized to the needs of each client.