Giratina Origin is back in Pokemon Go, and fans are so excited to capture it. After the Legendary Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, the Giratina-Origin has arrived in 5-Star Raid Battles. It’s a Dragon/Ghost-type Pokemon, so it will ultimately be weak against many types of Pokemon. In the last few weeks, Niantic introduced several new events that included Fashion Week as well.

Winning over Giratina is not an easy task. The first and the most challenging thing about Giratina is that it’s a Dragon-type Pokemon. Dragon-type Pokemon don’t have many weaknesses. However, Giratina recently started to appear in the 5-Star Raid Battle, so trainers will have enough time to catch Giratina-Origin and its shiny form as well.

Players can use the Raid Battle Pass or Remote Raid Pass to enter into Giratina Raid Battle. Even though Giratina is a tough opponent, it still has its weaknesses. Giratina is weak against Ghost, Fairy, Ice, Dark, and Dragon-type Pokemon. So, you can use many different types of Pokemon to win the Raid Battle.

After the Mega Evolution, trainers are also allowed to use Mega Pokemon in Raid Battle as well. Against Giratina, Mega Houndoom is a great option because it possesses Dark-type moves, and its Mega form will put extreme damage. However, there are still many great options that you can try. So if you don’t have an idea which would be your best lineup, here is the guide. 

Best Counters for Giratina-Origin

Mega Houndoom – After the Mega Evolution update, Mega Houndoom is in great popularity. The normal Houndoom is of Dark/Fire-type, and Mega form is no different. After using Mega Energy and turning Houndoom in Mega Houndoom, its strength and defense increases. When using Mega Houndoom against Giratina, make sure to use Snarl as a Fast move and Foul Play as a Charge move. Both of these moves are Dark-type, and it will put extreme damage on Giratina.

Tyranitar – Tyranitar is a Dark/Rock-type Pokemon that has some incredible strength. Giratina’s attacks won’t affect Tyranitar a lot, and you can use its Dark-type moves for your benefit. While using Tyranitar, make sure to use Bite as a Fast move and Crunch as a Charge move to deal massive damage.

Rayquaza – Rayquaza is one of the most superior Pokemon in the Pokemon world. This Dragon/Flying Pokemon owns Dragon, Flying, and Rock-type moves. However, Dragon-type Pokemon are weak against Dragon-type attacks, so you only need to use Dragon-type moves. When using Rayquaza against Giratina, set Dragon Tail as Fast Move and Outrage as Charge moves to deal with extreme damage.

Palkia – Both Palkia and Giratina are on the same level, and the only thing common between them is they both are Dragon-type Pokemon. Palkia is a Dragon/Water-type Pokemon that has powerful Dragon-type moves. Use Dragon Tail as a Fast move and Draco Meteor as a Charge move.

Salamence – Salamence is a powerful Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon with incredible strength and moves. Salamence also owns powerful Dragon-type moves that can damage Giratina to the highest level. While using Salamence, use Dragon Breath as a Fast move and Draco Meteor as a Charge move.

So, these are the following Pokemon that possess highly powerful Dragon-type moves. However, for the lower level trainers who don’t have the high-level Dragon-type Pokemon, they can use Ice, Ghost Dark, or Fairy-type Pokemon as well.

Decent Counters for Giratina-Origin

  • Glaceon – Frost Breath/Avalanche
  • Houndoom – Snarl/Foul Play
  • Gengar – Hex/Shadow Ball
  • Weavile – Snarl/Avalanche
  • Dragonite – Dragon Breath/Outrage

These are the decent counters for Giratina that can help the lower level trainers in the Raid Battles. Giratina is powerful, so make sure to max CP Pokemon to put maximum damage.

While Raiding on Giratina, make sure to have at least five teammates in the lobby. If all trainers are above level 35, then 3-4 trainers can also do the job. However, the more trainers will be in the lobby, and the easier Raid Battle will be. So, make sure to have a maximum number of trainers in the Raid Battle to increase winning chances.


Undoubtedly, Giratina is among the most powerful and fan-favorite Pokemon. Trainers can use it in Ultra League battles if their Giratina is below 2500CP. Currently, the Boosted Weather Giratina is above 2500CP, so if any trainer wants to have it for Ultra League, they should look for the non-weather boosted Raid Battle. Above 2500CP Giratina can be used in Master League, but it is the toughest League Battle in Pokemon Go.

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Source - Pokemon Go: Best Counters for Giratina-Origin