The Mercury Seven series “The Right Stuff premiered on Disney+ recently.

As a recap, the first half of the two-episode premiere of the drama series commenced with a nail-biting scene of the day of May the 5th, 1961 with the NASA crew preparing to launch its first-ever manned space mission. The two central figures, Astronaut Alan Shephard (played by Limitless star Jake McDorman) and his colleague John Glenn (played by extremely talented actor Patrick J Adams of “Suits” fame) engage in an argument because Shephard reprimanded him for going behind his back.

The Right Stuff


Then we move back to 1959 when NASA is just taking its baby steps, and its leaders Chris Kraft (played by Bosche’ Eric Ladin) and Bob Gilruth (played by another “Suits” actor Patrick Fischler) are searching for ways to compete with the soaring Russian space prowess.

The series tells us that in 1959, they were looking for American test pilots who are willing to fly into space. The problem was that as one can expect, most of the test pilots used to wound up dead at that time.

The series shows that Chris Kraft and Bob Gilruth have no time to sit around as they need to speed up their selection process so that they don’t fall way behind Russia. They find a few promising candidates, and one of them is Glenn. Glenn is a marine with a stable family and no bad habits. He is also a guy that is looking for a new adventure as there isn’t much left in his marine career.

They also find a guy named Shephard who is not an ideal fit for a team game as he is self-obsessed, cocky, and flirtatious. However, he also looks like a guy who is supremely confident of his abilities. The problem for him is that things aren’t flying for him in the beginning. The man who is dreaming of being the first man ever to go into space turns up late and almost screws up in his first recruitment meeting.

There is also an interesting character named Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, who has an innate ambition to be included in the Mercury Seven program. His problem is that he is separated from his wife, and NASA will not recruit anyone without a stable personal life. Now to convince the recruiters at NASA, he has to convince his wife and his daughter to move in with him so that he can put on a show of a fake happily married life.

Apart from the above-mentioned name, Mercury Seven team is completed by Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gus Grissom, and Deke Slayton.

What is your honest opinion of the series?