When you are young, you should take advantage of the salary increases, create a backup fund ... to manage your money effectively.
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In fact, many young people do not manage their finances well without a long-term plan and lack of discipline. Some advice from personal finance professionals will help you learn how to manage your money more effectively and have the financial foundation you want.

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Take advantage of salary increases

Salary increases or promotions are fun occasions to celebrate, but also when you can push forward with your savings goals.

Financial experts advise young people to have clear savings goals. You should know what you are saving for, be it to buy a house, buy a car, travel or spend money to study for your children, ... Only when there are such clear plans, when there are more income, you just know what to spend that money for the right thing.

Have backup funds for emergencies

Significant cash for illnesses or accidents is a must for a strong and secure financial foundation. Only after you have a backup that you should plan to spend money on long-term goals or investments.

Know selective advice


Friends or family can be valuable spiritual supporters, but when it comes to money, their advice isn't always worth listening to. Know how to select valuable ideas.

Not impatient when investing in stocks

Many amateur stock investors are prone to being caught up in the market's volatility and impatient. However, financial experts recommend that a smart investor should be patient even when the market is in decline instead of selling off impatiently.

Know the balance between spending and saving

Few young people can overcome the momentary temptation to really focus on saving. To avoid wasteful spending, you need to strike a clear balance between short-term spending and long-term savings.