HP is one of the popular companies that make various consumer electronics which include a laptop, desktop computers, calculators, etc. the major consumer electronic product designed by HP is known as a printer. The company offers inkjets, Deskjet, all-in-one as well as photo printers. Most of the HP Printers are known as All-in-one Printers as you can Print, Fax, Scan and Copy at a time. If you want help with HP Printer and looking for help then visit at 123.hp.com/laserjet.download website. You may also contact the professionals for better assistance. 


Easy Steps To Put Paper in an HP Laserjet Printer


HP  Laserjet Printer is the most amazing printer that provides the finest quality of Print-outs. Here are the Easy Steps To Put Paper in an HP Laserjet Printer as follows:


• The first step is to open up the front door of the HP Printer, which serves as the paper tray. It may snap shut, thus you will have to pop it open to fold it down.

• Now pull the swinging arm which is tucked inside the paper tray out. You need to flip up the small flap at the end of the arm. This arm & flap at the end will now stop the HP printer paper from falling onto the ground during printing.

• In the next step, take a stack of paper. Gently tap one of the short edges of the stack on a plain surface, until the opposite short edge of sheets of paper appears to be lined up. 

• Next, you have to tape one of the long edges of the stack of paper until the opposite long edges of sheets of paper appear to be lined up.

• Then lay one end of the HP Printer paper stack on the paper tray. After that, line the stack up with the tab on the right-hand side which appears on the right before the opening to the HP printer. 

• Now push the stack of paper to the forward.

• Then move the sliding tab on the left of the HP printer which you will see, right before the opening to the HP printer, right up to the left edge of the stack of paper. 

• Thus, turn the HP Printer on, and you are ready to print fine print-outs.


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