Private Search engine is one of the most popular innovations in the internet world. They offer you the info you want within a few seconds. They are coded programs that create an open source for cyber-attacks.

Best Private Search Engine


DuckDuckGo is one of the most popular and secure private search engine that does not track your hunts while providing you a boosted search experience. It’s mainly built for people who like to continue private and bring instant outcomes without modified ads on the search sheets.


Bitclave is another private search engine developed with blockchain to protect your online movement. This is a dispersed search engine which stretches users the obtainability to select which data they can give to their supporters. Man-in-the-middle attacks are incredible since you interconnect directly with the supporter.


Unlike some of the other private search engine on this page, Mojeek is a true search engine with its crawler. In an open Reddit discussion, Mojeek demanded to have indexed 2.3 billion pages, intending to double that by the end of the year.


The Oscobo was established with the individual purpose, to defend a user’s obscurity while searching. Oscobo is allowed to be the top private search engine for the motive that of its size to not track a user’s data, unlike general search engines.


With Yippy, you can by finger filter the properties category-wise and flag any unsuitable result. Dissimilar some engines, Yippy permits searching for many kinds of contented including web, pictures, news, jobs, blogs, government data, etc.

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