Both non-riders and bike riders to some extent think that size of the wheel doesn’t hold a key shoulder in a Mountainbikes, no, you are wrong. The size of the wheels is the cornerstone of what facilitates convenient biking.

The size of the wheel is determined by the diameter of the inches. Originally, the standard of the bike’s wheel was 26”, but, due to technology, several new sets have emerged over the past few years. For example, the discovery of the commonly referred to as 29’ers and many more standards.

However, after the innovation of different types of wheels sizes, there is the view that the smaller wheels have great benefits as compared to the larger wheels. If your bike has a smaller wheel, and you’ve been struggling to find the benefits that it offers your bike with, then this article is the best fit for you. We’ve compiled complete and top benefitsof using a smaller wheel as discussed below;

  • The small wheel offers the best acceleration
  • They are stronger to hold spokes
  • They have better cornering mechanics

Best acceleration ever

Acceleration is gauged in terms of speed. The different speeds involved in the type of different wheels. The larger wheels and the smaller wheels

Therefore, a smaller Mountainbikes wheels will accelerate faster as compared to the larger wheels, while all other factorsare kept constant. This is because of the differences in their diameter inches.

Also, on tight, gnarly, and twisty trails will require you to power your pedal corners, but when your wheels are small, it will favor the picks and fasten the acceleration.

They are Stronger to Hold the Spokes

Stronger wheels will hold the tension of the spokes. Therefore, when your bike’s spokes are longer, it will lead to less tension and strength.

The longer spokes refer to the longer lever-arm that is capable to wrench on them when you case a jump or drop a little bit. What you’ll feel with a large wheel bike is different to the feelings created on a smaller wheel.

They have Better Cornering Mechanics

Technical mechanics is broadly viewed from different angles especially when mountain biking. Therefore, what you take as a technical mechanics is up to the rider. But, having said that, the smaller Mountainbikes wheels are championed to work better toward any cornering in different ways, for example, when the wheel is near the ground, you’ll take less movement of the arms to execute a sharp angle needed for cornering.

Also, smaller wheels are lighter. On the contrary, larger diameter wheels might hold a big resistance through cornering leading to a huge impact on cornering.


Small wheel bikes tend to offer several benefits when mountain biking. If you consider, choosing a wheel, you are spoilt with several benefits to look into and pick the best of the wheels.

Awareness is awesome, but when you failed to consider the boons of something. Everything will be a nightmare, especially on biking experience.