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The weather, water and land of Vietnam are extremely suitable for the cultivation of high-quality jasmine rice. This is the reason Vietnam has become one of the world’s richest agricultural regions. The Vietnam jasmine rice is mostly cultivated at the Mekong Delta which is the heart of the rice-producing region of the country.
A variety of long-grain Jasmine rice is cultivated in Vietnam. It is very fragrant and when cooked and is slightly sticky but flavourful. The organic jasmine rice is often used for traditional Southeast Asian dishes and is called as Vietnam fragrant rice. This is because a jasmine fragrance comes out when the rice cooks. That’s why people started calling it as jasmine rice.

Organic Jasmine rice plants take four to five months to reach maturity. Jasmine rice grows very fast, which reaches a height of three feet. By September, the grain heads are mature and prepared to be harvested. On average, each acre yields more than 9,000 pounds of jasmine rice.

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