Daily stressors are part of life. In several cases, stress positively affects your life. It can enhance your productivity and drive you to achieve your goal. But, when prolonged stress starts interfering with your daily schedule, it is the time to manage it successfully. Stress management tips often involve regular exercises, keeping a positive mindset, and learning relaxation techniques. Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises are some methods that help to relax. And if you are a vaper, you might know that e-liquids are one of the most effective ways for relaxing and controlling stress. 


E-liquids are the most vital component of vape and e-cigarettes. A combination of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), water, flavorings, and nicotine, e-liquids creates vapors that mimic traditional smoking. The best part is the vaping juice with zero-nicotine concentration is available that makes the user eliminate the harmful effect of smoking tobacco. 

How does e-liquid help relaxing?

Vaping e-liquids allow the users to maintain their conditioned smoking behavior with justifiable throat hits. The flavors present can increase the substance-induced dopamine levels instigating the brain’s reward-related system. It can also provide an airway sensation similar to traditional smoking. Besides, flavors increase the efficiency of vaping, making it a perfect cessation tool. E-liquids can enhance satisfaction levels, relax the mind, and make you feel better. Thus, the global e-liquid market is expected to reach more than 6bn by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent. 


What flavors produce relaxing effects?

A variety of CBD e-liquids are readily available in the market. Some liquids imitate the flavors found in combustible cigarettes or cigars. Others may copy the taste of fruits, desserts, candies, coffee, drinks, etc. The majority of vapers prefer fruit and other non-tobacco flavors. Here are a few examples of vape juices that help promote ultimate relaxation when inhaled.

  • Blissful Relaxation

Essential oils are known for their calming effects. When this effect is amalgamated with sweet mango flavor, Blissful Relaxation vape juice is produced. This flavor is formulated by a certified herbalist to infuse the benefits of herbs like Wild Lettuce, Rosemary, Rosewood, and Lavender into superfruit mango. The pleasant, anti-depressive, mood-lifting properties of essential oils and fresh taste of mango will reduce anxiety and calm the mind to promote a sense of well-being.

  • Island Frost

Fresh and sweet fruit, a taste from island rainforest, Island Frost is all about tropical flavors. This coconut-based flavor is for all who love and all who are no-coconut fans. This remarkable concoction is a perfect blend of coconuts, pineapples, and berries. Interestingly, while releasing the vapor, you can have an after taste of icy mint. Tired after a hectic day, this flavor will relax you just like a secluded beach does.

  • Jungle Juice

As the name sounds, this e-liquid is a mixed fruit collection but with a twist. The tropical fruit flavors contain the goodness of CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabis derivative that is non-addictive and non-psychotropic. It is well-known for its anti-anxiety effects that reduce stress and promote instant relaxation. Jungle Juice by Royal CBD has one of the best ratings for using quality hemp products that contain 100 percent cannabidiol. An any-time flavor, this e-liquid is an assortment of the sweetness of fruits and goodness of CBD together.


  • Very Berry

Really Berry or Very Berry is a mouthwatering e-juice that combines the taste of different berries with zesty lemon. It comes in various nicotine strengths from 0mg to 12mg. With the right amount of sweetness and sharpness, this flavor is perfect for chilling out.

  • Liquid Calm

It is the fresh e-liquid that blends three essential oils, Orange, Chamomile, and Lavender. Liquid Calm consists of medical-grade aromatherapy oils that are free from any artificial preservatives and colors. The experts formulated this e-liquid to relieve stress and anxiety. The scent of lavender and chamomile, along with the aroma of orange peel, promotes relaxation. It can reduce the cravings of conventional smoking and support stress management. 

Are e-liquid Flavors safe?

The wide range of flavors used in e-liquid has approval as food flavorings. These flavors are, therefore, widely used without any adverse effects on the body. Moreover, vaping juices can cut the risk of health hazards associated with cancer-causing tar found in cigarettes. Sometimes, flavors like vanilla and cinnamon may interact with PG and VG that can cause irritation and inflammation when inhaled. Before purchasing, you need to check your juice may not contain harmful chemicals like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetone. 


There are plenty of e-liquid flavors with different brands that can have relaxation properties. Whatever taste you like, you will find a vape juice that duplicates the same. Always remember to check the nicotine strength and the list of ingredients to avoid any adverse effects. So whether you select e-juice from the list above, or as per your choice, make it your ultimate goal to get an e-liquid that invigorates you by lowering the stress levels.