On-demand business services are playing a vital role in the customer’s mind to get a solution for the needs of the service. The majority of services undergo on-demand services like Taxi Booking, Food Delivery, Fuel Delivery, Gas delivery, Healthcare sector, e-Commerce, Logistics, and so on.

The best on-demand services for taxi bookings are Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Careem. This is the right way for the Entrepreneurs to start a business in an on-demand taxi app and be in a good way in the taxi booking business and uplift your business with good marketing strategies.

It is easy for a businessman to start an on-demand business quickly with the help of Uber Clone Script, Lyft Clone, Grab Clone, and Careem Clone.

What Are The Top 3 Uber Clone Script In 2021

Gofer - Uber Clone Script

Gofer is an uber clone script with the core features of uber available in the market to do the business effectively. Uber clone script comes with both Android and iOS applications.

Features Provided

Multiple Signup/SignIn - In our Uber Clone, the user is able to Sign in or Sign Up using the phone number, Facebook, and Mail id.

Notifications - Users will get notified once the drivers confirm the ride and get close to the pickup location.

Live Tracking - Users can view the tracking of the driver and can see when the driver reaches the destination to pickup.

Multiple Payment Gateway - Once the ride is completed the user can pay the amount through Paypal, Wallet, and Cash.

Multiple Currency - Uber Clone Script is provided with the multiple currency options where the businessman can choose the preferred amount the riders pay.

Automatic Fare Estimation - Gofer is provided with an automatic fare estimation where the riders will get the amount based on the distance traveling.

Ride-Sharing - Users can share a ride with other users to separate the total price among the shared riders.

Chat Option - Users and Drivers can use the chat option without sharing a personal number and can communicate about the ride.

Peak Time Pricing - Gofer is separating the price based on the time period and drivers will get benefited from this timing.

Scheduled Ride - Users will able to schedule the ride this is the type of advance booking feature. This feature will benefit the users to start the ride at the correct time.

Fleet Management - Fleet Management is an additional feature for Entrepreneurs to set up a separate company for the owners of vehicles.

Manual Booking - Users can book using the manual booking system where riders can call the admin to schedule the ride whenever required.

Promo Code - Promo Code can be given by the admin to the users as an offer for a ride.

Reviews and Ratings - Users can give reviews and ratings for the driver and the driver can give feedback about the rider to create a trust for the users to get a driver efficiently.

Add Vehicle Details - The driver can add their vehicle details by providing the information like (color, model and make year).

Revenue Factors Provided In Gofer

Commission Based -

The admin gets the payment based on the riding distance with a certain amount of money as a commission. Both drivers and owners will earn with the help of riding. Rider service fee can be set by an owner and even for surge price the owner can set the amount.

Fleet -

Uber fleet is an ideal app that helps you to earn a lot. It helps its partner to manage its vehicle and driver efficiently. Thus, it will increase your overall earning and help you to make a lot of money from it. This fleet application is also included in our Uber Clone application.

V3 Cube - CubeX2020

CubeX2020 is an uber clone script from V3 cube with the core features of Uber and can create a service like a cab, moto, fly, and so on.

4 Major Components Can Create With CubeX2020

  • Taxi Delivery
  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery
  • Courier Delivery

Features Provided

  • Email/Social Media/Phone Login
  • Track Driver Location
  • Car Pool
  • Text Chat
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Book Ride For Friends Or Family
  • In-App Notification
  • SOS Button
  • SMS/Email Notification
  • Manage Profile

Appdupe - On-demand Taxi app

Appdupe is a white label taxi provider app solution that provides an Uber-like application for Entrepreneurs. The features provided for an Uber clone are the same as the Uber app.

Features Included

  • Ride Requests
  • Flexible Payment
  • In-app Wallet
  • Live Tracking
  • Scheduled Rides
  • Book For Others
  • Invite and Earn
  • Rate and Review

Add-Ons At Some Cost

  • Restricted Passenger Limit
  • Face mask Verification
  • Selfie Technology
  • Ride Cancellation

Advanced features

  • App Updation
  • 90 days support
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • In-App Messaging
  • Taxi Booking based on gender
  • Scheduled Car booking
  • Multiple Payment and Currencies

These 3 different uber clone are the best in the market with all the core features. Visit the website to know more about the pricing and the features in detail. Entrepreneurs, this is a good time to start a business in the on-demand concept to start a business.