Wow! You bought the Best Backpack for gym and work from a renowned brand. This helps you to carry your all office and gym stuff in a single spacious bag comfortably. This also saves the time that you waste in rushing from gym to workplace and vice-versa.

But, if you are a lazy lad and avoid washing your bag regularly, then the stuff you carry in your bag would start stinking. Understand, washing bag is just as crucial to scrub your workout bag whenever possible.

So, what technique you use to wash your gym bag? And how else can you maintain your bag to expand its life? We’ve got the answers for you rounded up below.

You Should Wash Your Gym Bag At Least Twice A Week

Many people think that just washing gym clothes is enough, but forget that gym bags also need the same care. Sweating contains harmful bacteria that stinks and can be transferred to gym bags when dirty gym clothes are tossed into it and kept there for long hours. Also, some people used to keep their workout shoes in gym bags, which also contains bacteria and germs on both their insoles as well as exterior soles.

It's advised that gym bags is washed at least twice a week for individuals who are gym freak. If you exercise less, you can get into the daily schedule of just washing your gym bag after every utilization. While a few bags can be put into a washing machine, others should be hand washed. Luckily, most gym bags are machine washable, as nylon is used in their formation, which can be cleaned in washing machines.

Some More Important Tips for Gym Bag Maintenance

If you're searching for a quick way to fix smelly gym bag and don't have time to wash it, try putting dry tea bags into the bag. Teabags are powerful enough to kill both smell and eliminate them. Make sure to take them out following several days. Dryer sheets are another choice for the individuals who need a new fragrance to emit from their gym bags. In like manner, you'll need to replace these daily for a fresh aroma.

Keeping a pack of disinfecting wipes is likewise a savvy thought, as these will permit you to do a quick wipe down every time you use it. Disinfecting wipes will help eliminate microbes and germs that are making awful smells in your bag.

If you’re daily washing your gym bag in a washing machine and as yet finding that it's hanging onto smells, try adding some white vinegar into your washing machine while washing. A half-cup of white vinegar must be enough to overcome the funky smell detergent may be leaving your gym bag with.

Lastly, always ensure you let your gym bag air out every once in a while. Bacteria increases in a closed gym bag, so open it up when feasible and let it breathe.

Final Words

Buying a Best Bag for Gym and Work of your own choice can be great but keeping it bacteria free is also crucial. So, make your habit to keep it clean from time to time.