Sometimes Roku Remote not responding, you need help to get rid of this problem.

In this article you will get steps to fix this issue.

Restart Roku Device:

  • Remove the power cord wait for 5 seconds.
  • Re-connect the power cable
  • Go to Settings > System > System restart > Restart.


Pair the Device:

  • Hold pairing button for 5 sec
  • Check the pairing light on remote
  • Replace the batteries
  • Wait for 20 sec untill remote paired

Change the Batteries:

  • Open the battery compartment and eliminate the batteries from your remote.
  • Re-insert the batteries.
  • Wait for 20 sec untill connection established 

Replace the Remote:

  • Buy a new remote if still your Roku remote not working

    I hope you problem solved now, if not then call Roku experts..